Tricks Introduces New Menu At the Difficult Child Eating

Mothers often feel discouraged when your baby very difficult to eat. You also do a lot of innovation on the variation of the menu, but they are hard to to to compromise.

First of all, you must understand first that the child is difficult to try new things even might not like it, included in this new diet. It’s your job to eliminate the negative perception. The following tips are discussed author of ‘The Mom 100 Cookbook: 100 Recipes Every Mom Needs in Her Back Pocket’ Katie Workman on Parenting USA:

Do not Speculate Negative
All you have to do first is negative speculated beforehand. Without disadarai you often think that your child does not like the new menu you created, but the truth is not necessarily like that. Maybe this time your child will love it.

Start with Small Portions
Katie said this many times in his book. Especially the fish processed foods start with small portions. This is because children will immediately reject it. Start with a delicious small bites will make kids ‘hooked’.

A little ‘cool’
While this is not good, but it never hurts to look a bit ‘cool’ to it. If you look really expect your child to try new foods, it is likely that the child will resist. Quite a few do not ignore it, do not overdo it.

‘Benefit’ Friend Your Child
If the tips above have not been able to get your kids to try new foods voluntarily try to invite friends from your child to have a great appetite for lunch at home. Young children imitate what friends like to do, so your child will come to try new food menu that you created.