To be Single Mom Had No Return collapsed Currently Couple Again

When deciding on divorce, will certainly lead to a fairly deep wound in the hearts of the single mom. But that does not mean after that, you are so traumatized and refused to get married or have a partner anymore.

Ainun Chomsun co-author of “The Single Mom ‘, until now he has not been close to any man again. Not because she is traumatized, it’s just really busy in the world of work is very solid. Besides being a social media specialist at a company, he is also the founder of the Academy of Sharing, a container for any learning place for anyone who wanted to come.

“Once it got close friends, friendship, very good to my son. Till my son once said, would not be my daddy. But here-here he says really bad got a new daddy, we both wrote,” when talking with wolipop story in the Reading Room , Kemang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (06/06/2012). In the discussion that there are two authors of ‘The Single Mom’ other that is Budiana Indrastuti and Mia Amalia

For Ainun even if later he found a mate, the most important thing for him is the man accepted his daughter. “He must be comfortable,” he said.

For Mia, the approval of the children to be the number one thing that’s not negotiable. He understood it was based on his experience from his second marriage.

“I was like having two lives. Now I always stories. Children should know. Either how to do to be approved,” said the mother of four children.

Mia also learned from her divorce, before having another partner, should be the first single mom to heal myself from a previous injury. Do not start a new relationship when you were feeling down. “Heal first, when the new happy looking couple,” said the woman who once worked as a screenwriter in a production house and it is now working freelance.

What is said Mia, also agreed Ainun. He do not let you carry the burden of the past when it was a new relationship. “That’s usually going to be a vicious cycle, new problems continue to arise. Example first husband cheated on, so keep on the same pair of suspicion. Husband first domestic violence, Myspace struck fear doing anything,” said the owner of the account @ pasarsapi on Twitter that.