The Single Moms: Inspirational Stories 4 Women Increase Child Without Husband

Raising children alone without the help of a couple of course is not easy. These four women profiled in the book ‘The Single Moms’.

Three of the four authors book Budiana Indrastuti, Mia Amalia and Ainun Chomsun talking to wolipop to share stories about their work. Three is a woman who has a successful career and still be a good parenting, even without the presence of a partner.

How can they be selected to write the book Baby Books published this? Ainun admitted he was initially interviewed by a freelance reporter working in Baby. The interview is about his work as founder of the Academy Sharing. From the interview, the reporter learned that Ainun was a single mom. From there came the offer to write a book.

“I emailed, were not willing to write a book about the single mom, I said no. Emailed again, I do not answer anymore. Continues invited to meet each one of the editors,” Ainun story when talking with wolipop in the Reading Room, Kemang, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (06/06/2012).

From the meeting with the editor, Ainun was briefed that the book would be made more to the story of everyday life. The woman known as pasarsapi account on Twitter was finally agreed although initially less interested in having subtle about her personal life.

If Ainun initially refused, Mia did not hesitate to accept the offer to write ‘The Single Moms’. The offer came as the publisher often saw him writing on Facebook about her children. While Budiana or familiarly called Dian, co-authored by invited Mia. The publisher agreed because Dian story as a single mom is quite interesting.

In a newly released book, Mia, Dian, and Rani Rachmani Ainun Moedarta, write about the experience of everyday life as a single mom. The four post topics vary while telling her story.

Dian example, he opens the story with the stigma that is often obtained a single mom. “Be careful, he’s widow, you know,” one day I heard the gossip in a public vehicle. Although I do not know, and I know I am not the object of their conversation, I could not stand nyeletuk, “Mom, why should carefully each widow? Beware terrorist tuh same …,” he writes former editor of a lifestyle magazine that straightforward.

While Ainun tells how he had to wrestle with the time between work and taking care of daughter’s only child. In this section, the founder of the Academy Share it tells of a language that can make the reader cry.

As for Mia, she wrote how difficult a single mom manage financial affairs. Women who have never written a screenplay soap opera ‘ABG’ it up once branded reckless by his friends for being a freelancer as well as single parent.