Ivanka Trump Always Supervise Through The small daughter CCTV

Daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump, Ivanka shares her story after being a mother of a daughter who is a year old. Though busy working, Ivanka said, he always knows all her activities as watching via CCTV.

Ivanka gave birth to her first child Arabella Rose on July 11, 2011. The wife of businessman Jared Kushner is currently enjoying his days as a mother and working woman.

“This morning was not too bad for me. I have to take care of the cooperation with several partners from Israel, so I had to get up at 5:45 and breakfast at the same time meeting at 7:30,” she recounts how she starts her day when interviewed by the Telegraph.

Officials Trump Organization tells Arabella woke again at 06.00. “So I spent an hour with him before I start my day,” he said.

Ivanka saw the figure, there is considerable reason for women to feel jealous of him. How not, regardless of the figure as one of the daughters of the richest men in the world, after a year of giving birth, she has appeared “perfect”. Hips and legs are so slim.

Beyond perfection, he was still trying to be a mother who always put her family. In the middle of busy work, there is a small screen on his laptop showing her video.

“This way I can still keep an eye on all the time Arabella. This is genius. Though I have to turn off the sound, at least I still get to see him,” said a woman was 31 years old.

Career as well as being a mother is not easy for Ivanka. If the other mothers who work have a long maternity leave, as one of Trump’s company officials would not want him to be able to get back to work. Eight days after giving birth to Arabella, this tall beautiful woman should immediately fly to Miami to complete a joint contract for Dorah Hotel and Country Club, one of the recent acquisition of the company.

“I got a call three days after discharge from the hospital and did I want this contract. Really want it,” he says. Ivanka had asked her doctor if she could fly to Miami. “He said it was not a good idea and asked if the property is small? Extent of 800 acres I told you,” she said, laughing.

Of course while flying to Miami and signed a contract, Ivanka still feel pain after childbirth. “But in a family business, we can not say ‘I’m off work for three months. Unlike people think, in fact it is very difficult to draw a line in the sand,” he said.