It is important Maximize Weight Training

Achieve ideal body shape and fit the dream can be done in various ways, one of which is to make fitness a regular basis. When weight training, sometimes there are many things that you never noticed. When in fact have an important role in determining the development of the exercise performed.

Quoted from World Fitnes, FX. Erwin Santoso, a fitness and sports nutrition expert, outlines three things that are important in determining the outcome of your workout.

Not uncommon for people who do weight training just focus on the number of reps, regardless of the load lifted. There are biceps by lifting dumbbells 3 pounds with 15 reps times, as in a book written 15 reps, in truth strength capable of lifting up to 20-25 times. It will not take you more powerful biceps and big or fast, but it only adds to the biceps muscle stamina alone.

The term is related to failure reps you do. When viewing menu workout with 15 reps, which means you take the burden of the exercise, executed properly until you no longer strong lift in repetitions to 16. So the figure is actually 15 reps is the maximum number that you can actually lift it perfectly, without compromising movement.

The term is a rhythm when lifting and lowering the load. For example, doing exercises Flat Barbell Press, when you lift weights, lift with ‘explosive’, meaning that the weight in just 1 tempo or 1 count alone. Then when lowering the load, lower it slowly until it reaches a count of 3 or 3 tempo minimal. Tempo is also called tempo 3-1.

Usually mistake a lot of people are doing weight training with tempo 1-1. The study said, with a minimum of 3-1 tempo this level of stimulation or stimulation of the muscle development to be better.

Mind to Muscle Connection (MMC)
MMC exercise has more to do with how good your concentration levels in class while doing the exercises. The results you get when you really concentrate on what you are doing reps after reps will bring tremendous impact than those without concentration.

With the right techniques, drills and results obtained becomes maximal. Happy practicing!