The Best Ways To Apply Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions can look nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately, unlike clip-in extensions, they’re also a bit tougher to apply. These tips can help.

Start by sectioning the natural hair into three separate sections, one from the centre of the back of the head down, from the ears up the sides of the head into a second section and the rear of the head up. The back two sections, with the exception of the very top of the back of the head should be segmented into one inch tall sections, starting with the nape of the neck from one side of the head around to the other. You will be applying the micro ring hair extensions along the top of the section evenly. As you attach the micro ring extensions working from one side to the other you will not be able to see the rings once attached, regardless of how you choose to style the hair.

For those with the thickest of hair, you can add the micro hair extensions along the top of the back of the crown, leaving just a ½’’ to lay over the layer.  This area is optional if needed in order to better blend in thicker heads of hair. Areas along the top of the head on both sides and the very front and back should not have the ring extensions added as they could be seen when styling the hair.

When attaching the micro ring hair extensions, you take the end of a rat tail comb and grab a section of hair that is as big as the micro hair extensions. Place the natural hair through the micro ring and pull the end of the loop to pass the natural hair through the micro ring extensions ring to tighten. You will leave approximately 1 cm of space between the micro ring extensions and the root of the natural hair, pulling the micro ring down all the way firmly to tighten and secure firmly. Proceed and repeat as you move across from one side of the head by the ear to the other. One you have placed the row all along the back skipping about ¾’ between extensions, you will use the clamp to squeeze the ring securely. Repeat on each row working towards the top of the head in 1” sections.