Babysitter Child Celebs: Billions paid amount, given Home & Car

Interested in finding a job with a great salary and bonus? Just try to work as a babysitter for the kids celebrity world. The babysitter is, in addition to well-paid will also be rewarded with a house and car. Wow!

Huffington Post reports, the babysitter who worked for these celebrities are paid may be greater than your income. Imagine for hush money they can earn U.S. $ 185 thousand, or approximately USD 1.7 billion.

The number is obtained by the Huffington Post based on information from one of Celebrity Staffing Services Director Glenda Ross. Glenda workplace is known as one of the leading manpower agencies. Clients of the agency include Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Lisa Marie Presley, Prince and Drew Barrymore.

According to Ross, not just hush money in large amounts that could be obtained the babysitter for the child celebrity. The top celebrities like Beyonce and Angelina Jolie, do not hesitate to give abundant bonus for caregivers of their children. Bonuses ranging from houses, cars, and money of up to U.S. $ 10 thousand.

Ross added, during work well, the babysitter ‘celebrity’ has also received preferential treatment. They will have special security and itineraries are pretty solid.

The culmination of all the luxuries that come by the babysitter celebrity children are their salaries. To babysitter who worked on Beyonce and Jay-Z, salary earned in a year to reach U.S. $ 500 thousand, or approximately USD 4.7 billion.

Of course all the salaries and bonuses earned babysitter for celebrity children according to their professionalism. Ross explained, most of the celebrities looking nanny with the criteria above average. For example, the caregiver should be able to master a variety of languages ​​and sign language. Prospective caregivers that most women also have to pass the initial selection, has a background as well and not taking drugs and alcohol. Interested in applying for a job?