Top Models at Auto Shows 2010

During a year, there are a variety of auto shows with a view to promoting latest and most advanced models of automobiles around the world. As to be known that an auto show is a public exhibition of brand-new automobile models, debuts, concept cars, and even out-of-production classical editions. Auto shows are potential opportunities appealing the deep attention from automobile manufacturers and automobile enthusiasts. By tradition, most of the auto shows are held once or twice a year in various big auto events such as Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Frankfurt, Beijing. Besides, one specially important contribution to the success of auto shows are the attendance of advertising models at car shows. Advertising models, also best-known as promotion girls, show girls, or auto models, whose careers are involved in promoting car trends worldwide. Professionally posing in front of the lens, show girls have become the attention from automobile enthusiasts at automobile shows around the globe. About 700 car models in prestigious automobile brands such as Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes have been displayed at automobile shows 2010, and the gathering of beautiful automobile show girls seems to be more remarkable. Let\’s have a look at the most stunning promotion girls at auto shows during the year 2010 via the following nice shots.

The long-legged model posed at Genesis store, at Essen auto show

The air at Moscow auto show seemed to be getting warmer and warmer with a crew of beautiful and seductive car models

Super car Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera was unveiled at Geneva automobile show with the attendance of a car hottie

Geneva may be the place of beauty queens during its automobile shows. The supermodel was spotted with Nissan Leaf edition

The dazzling promotion girl and Fiat 500 Thousandth posed at Paris auto show. The original car shell was printed with images of 1,500 people including celebrities, Fiat owners, and fans all over the world


Seductive body shapes were revealed at Geneva auto shows

Brabus Mercedes SLS AMG Widestar and the show girl in a red dress at Bologna auto show

Irresistibly beautiful smile of the car hottie dazzled from the inside of Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV at Geneva auto show

The automobile beauty queen at the promotion car exhibition Paris



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The importance of plastic in the future

According to, the future of automobiles will involve a major change. Due to its qualities, plastic could be replacing metal as the new material for manufacturing cars, which will make it easier for developers and engineers to pave the way for the futuristic automobiles that are sure to make car enthusiasts drool.

The automobile industry is just one of the businesses that will be relying on plastic in the years to come. There’s no denying that it is one of the most vital resources that will contribute to the development of the world.

But what makes plastic important? A lot of major industries benefit from this material because of the qualities that make it distinctive from ordinary raw materials:

Its strength and lightness in weight
Versatility and malleability
Durability against harsh conditions

The worldwide plastics market is estimated at around 200 million tons and grows at an annual rate of five percent, according to a news article by

The report also states that recent economic progress in the world such as in countries like India and China will only create expansions for the industry. Plastics are set to be used widely in engineering parts and other materials in the future.

In addition, there are still concepts for electronics, computers and the medical field that may require the use of plastic for its fruition.

Bioplastics is the future

However, the more plastics are used, the faster the collection of non-biodegradable garbage piles up on our landfill sites and even our oceans. To respond to the environmental issues caused by plastics, various industries have adopted the use of bioplastics, an excellent plastic substitute made from eco-friendly materials such as corn, potatoes, vegetable oil and other plant residues. Some bioplastics are even developed to be biodegrable.

In an article featured in Yahoo! News, bioplastics are already being used in phone accessories, electronics, household appliances and foodstuffs mass market. The bioplastic industry in 2009 showed progress and is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 13% until 2014.

Investing in bioplastic

The importance of plastic in developing industries and the recent actions to preserve the environment show the bright future in the bioplastic business. Interested investors could get in touch with IRTH Communications to know more about the industry and how it can be effortlessly turned into a money-making business venture. Visit their website now at

Automobile Repair Services at Oklahoma City

Planning to take your family for a long trip in your car? Then the first thing you must ensure is that your vehicle can endure the long distance travel. Most of the people who own a car do not find the time to perform regular check-ups on their vehicle and get annoyed when it is on the blink. Services for auto repair in Oklahoma City, OK, are a boon to automobile owners as the service centers have a professional attitude and ample experience and skill in order to repair and maintain your automobiles properly.

Every automobile has specific system of repair and maintenance, which should be followed while repairing it. Also, the owners of the vehicle also have certain preferences and driving styles which are considered while handling the vehicle for servicing. Centers for auto repair at Oklahoma City, OK, provide two streams of services – maintenance services and diagnostic services.

The maintenance service for every vehicle is provided by the car dealers for a prescribed warranty period. Auto repair centers keep track of the maintenance schedule for the vehicles. Regular maintenance services like changing the engine oil and the oil filter, inspecting the battery, brakes, ignition plug, gas line and engine belt, checking the wheel alignment and steering, the coolant system etc are conducted at scheduled intervals with meticulous care. Keeping track of the regular maintenance schedule will render a hassle free drive over a prolonged period of time.

Auto repair at Oklahoma City, OK, has gained popularity as the automobile centers here offer superior diagnostic services that can save time as well as money on the part of the automobile owner. Armed with the latest equipment handled by highly skilled technicians, the repair centers get down right to the crux of the problem to come up with the perfect solution for the trouble. The clear diagnosis of the problem helps to avoid time and money being wasted as opposed to having them spent unnecessarily for the replacement of not-so-relevant automobile parts which will again leave the client guessing the exact reason for the trouble.

Knowing fully how important it is to maintain a good tyre system for the automobiles, the service centers also provide a whole range of services to see that the automobile rests perfectly on reliable tyres. Apart from providing new tyres, tyre mounting, tyre balancing and tyre inspection are also carried out using state-of-the-art technology. Once your automobile rolls out of the auto repair center, you can sit back, tighten your seat belt and zoom away for a breezy drive.

Auto Repair Oklahoma City, OK For best Auto repair services in Oklahoma City, OK, visit Kwik Kar Automotive they provide complete auto care.

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock was an influential American painter, founder of the so-called “Action Painting” movement, which centered around a style of painting in which paint is spontaneously dribbled on the canvas. Without doubt he is one of the most famous abstract impressionists in the world.

At sixteen years old he joined the Los Angeles’ Manual Arts High School, from which he was expelled within a year. After this he moved to New York City where he studied with his eldest brother Charles Pollock at the Art Students League of New York under Thomas Hart Benton, an American painter and muralist.

During his life in New York he had enjoyed the reception of a number of successful exhibitions. The New York Times reported James Sweeney`s words “Pollock’s talent is volcanic. It has fire. It is unpredictable…It is lavish, explosive, untidy…” but despite this, Pollock’s paintings were unsuccessful when it came to sales. It is interesting that the most expensive of Pollock’s paintings that was sold during his lifetime brought him only $8000. Yet now the most expensive painting ever sold in the world is No. 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock. It was sold for $140,000,000.

In 1945 Pollock married Lee Krasner, an American abstract expressionist painter, and they moved to a small house in East Hampton, Long Island. Right in this house, or to be more precise in the shed, Pollock`s famous “Dripper Painting” came into the world and Jackson Pollock became the “Jack the Dripper”. Pollock put the canvas on the floor and covered it with the paint drops that trickled down at random from his brush or hand.

In his early years Pollock attended camp meetings with Jiddu Krishnamurti, a popular Indian writer and speaker on philosophical and spiritual issues. Part of Jiddu’s teachings was that truth can only be reached by an individual through intuition, through a process of independent, free “exploration” of the personality. These words evidently had a very significant impact on Pollock’s creative work.

Pollock fought with alcoholism all his life. Unfortunately in 1956 he lost the fight, and died in an automobile accident whilst drunk. Now the small house in East Hampton is the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center.

In 2000 an Academy Award-winning biographical drama film directed by and starring Ed Harris was produced, simply entitled ‘Pollock.’ If you want to dip into Pollock’s world and feel as if you are present during his impetuous work this film is what you need. Pollock’s unpredictable and distinctive personality, as well as his unique talent, come across strongly in the film and have become part of the history of the art world.

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Looking For Mens Clothing And Shoes Consider Online Shopping Malls For Fast And Easy Shopping

Unlike women, men lack interest in terms of shopping. As a matter of fact, most men never enjoyed shopping as much as women do. For them, they feel like this is a complete waste of time and energy, and they could do other important things rather than going around the mall, fitting clothes and shoes and being meticulous about everything. But of course, men still have their own needs and they have to regularly update their wardrobe with newer and more
fashionable clothes. Technology offered a newer and a better solution – as mens clothing and shoes can now be easily found and purchased through online shopping malls.

What are online shopping malls and how are these different from the traditional malls that “ladies” love to go to? To begin with, these are e-commerce websites designed to make everyone choose from a wide variety of things that could be seen at traditional malls. From mens, womens, children clothing up to accessories and electronics, these can be found on these websites. These shopping malls found online nearly have it everything – men and women would surely love purchasing their things that are needed in their everyday life.

What are the Benefits of Online Shopping Malls for Men?

Since men literally hates going to shopping malls, because it is overcrowded and they have to wait in line just to pay for their purchases, not to mention that they also have to walk from one end to another just to look for the best clothes or shoes, they are the ones that could greatly benefit from it.

Shopping malls online is very much similar to those huge malls found within the city but there is no need for you to literally be there just to find something that you need. These online stores make it easier to browse and navigate through the different designs. Filter the clothes or shoes that you need according to brand, prize or size. Or, you could even use the search filter and just find something quickly. You don’t to literally feel your feet ache because you could shop, while sitting at home and drinking your favorite cup of coffee.

Additionally, online shopping malls do not just offer mens clothing. As mentioned earlier, you could even find some great house wares, a nice necklace for your wife or even some new toys for your kids! You don’t have to rely on your wife or your mom to pick something from the store for you. Instead, you could do it yourself.

And compared to traditional malls, these online shopping malls actually offer cheaper merchandise. This is simply one of the best things about the internet, and you could even save more since there are digital coupon codes that you could avail. Just search for available promo codes (depending on the store) on your favorite search engine, and you’ll surely get some huge
discounts and have it applied on top of all your purchases. Shopping has never been this convenient – and who knows? You might love shopping the way women do!

My name is Michael Gummer and I was born in 1949, I enlisted in the armed forces until ill health, then I spent some time in the retail business and security when the health problems forced me to retire. is a site that is more of a shopping mall and is well known for supplying all the home and family, we have some large traders not just for the UK market but for the USA also. has a good reputation for supplying all the high class blends of both tea and coffee plus all the coffee to beans machines you will need.

Some Popular Mens Art Shoes

The art shoes were especially manufactured to help people make an improvement in their look by providing them with a wide range of fashionable, stylish, comfortable and durable footwear. Men’s art shoes are geared to preserving a taste of fashion. These shoes are treasured and loved by fashion conscious men.

If you ever feel like updating yourself with the latest shoe trends or just want to wear a pair of fashionable as well as comfortable shoes, look no further than men’s art shoes. Art shoes provide a vast collection of footwear for men in different colours, sizes and designs. If you are a tall man and find difficulty in getting the right size shoe for yourself, look for art shoes for this brand manufacture shoes of almost every size, no matter how small or large a man’s feet is.

Mens art shoes are designed to fit a variety of personalities. Men must always be aware of the benefits they can get from wearing the art shoes. Apart from making you look smart and trendy, these shoes also offer high comfort level. Now let us read about some of the most popular varieties of men’s art shoes that are available in the market.

Art 0615 Skyline Shoes—Men love wearing this footwear. It is one of the most stylish and uniquely designed shoes from this footwear brand. The boot has a fur lined fleece inner and a chunky tread natural rubber sole. The stitched are hand finished and are visible along front.

Art Grain Sinai Boots—This ankle boot is a masterpiece of comfort, style and fashion. With a great mixture of materials and colours, these boots have a suede leather upper and natural rubber sole along with 360 welt stitched for an added style. The lace up fasting makes it quite easy to wear.

Art 0783 Melbourne Trainers—These Melbourne trainers from Art footwear offer ultimate comfort to the feet. They won’t hurt your feet even you wear them for a long span of time. They are just a good pair for jogging, running or playing tennis. These trainers look good with jeans or tracksuits. It is made up of mixture of materials that include suede leather/leather upper and a natural rubber sole along with 360 welt stitched for an added style.

Art 0907 Air Alpine Boots—Air Airplane is an ankle boot from Art footwear that features a textile inner lining, leather upper and a natural rubber sole along with this brand’s trademark 360 welt stitches. You won’t have any problem wearing these boots because it features lace up fasting. Make a unique and quirky style statement with a pair of Art Air Airplane ankle boots.

Art Liberated Shoes—This is a unisex shoe. It has a funky design featuring a slightly offset three-eye lace fastening for added ease, stitching detail and a toning leather accent. The sole of these shoes are designed in such a way that it helps in absorbing stress every footstep. The unique Art pattern makes these shoes a distinctive one in the footwear industry and now it’s bang on trend.

A Parent’s Primer on Buying Toddler’s Boots and Shoes

Cowboy boots are quite popular among the people from different ages. However choosing the perfect cowboy boot depends on the purpose of each person whether for work or just simply for fashion. People who use boots on their job outdoors chose the best quality and its toughness. Regular cowhide leather is the most popular choice among the people who have a lot of work outdoors. This way their feet will be protected from the dirt that might start in to a sickness. Since their work is quite difficult, this cowboy boots was not only durable but at the same time allows their feet to breathe. Cowhide leather is also affordable than the exotic leathers, you can as well pick the designs that best suits your personality. Cowhide leather can be printed to look like buffalo, elephant, snake, lizard, or crocodile.

Different styles have different materials when it comes to cowboy boots. One of the most popular styles these days is the exotic skin for cowboy boots. Ostrich skin is one material that everyone loves to buy. This animal skin can made into different styles that the buyers can choose from, since it has a very unique grain. A great choice for a cowboy boots since it is also fairly durable and allows your feet to breath that will keep them away from bacteria.

Another one for you is a pair of snakeskin cowboy boots that could be made from any of several types of snakes. The common snake’s skin and quite popular these days comes from python and rattlesnake. Most of this skin came from the snakes belly as it has a pattern on it that makes a good design on a cowboy boots. Different rattlesnakes came from different place from Eastern, Western to Cane Brake. Snakes skin as one of the most popular since the beautiful patterns are cannot be duplicated with any other animal skin. People buy this type of cowboy boots because of its durability and uniqueness.

Lizard skin is also considered in making a cowboy boots. These boots are more often than not made with skin from an alligator lizard or a horn back lizard. People buy this type of boots a lot in the market these days. They say that an alligator lizard cowboy boots are can be easily to shine for the reason of the hard tiles that you can see on the surface of the skins.

Another popular animal skin type that use in a cowboy boots came from the elephant’s skin, it said to have a criss-crossed pattern that any other animal skin type don’t’ have. Cowboy boots made by this known for its durability, at the same time it is easy to maintain and clean. As we all know that elephants have strong skin, using this as a material in a cowboy boots is a perfect choice!

Happy Shopping!

With the rate of growth of you little angel, you will obviously find yourself cramming for the perfect pair of toddler girls boot. Whenever you are in the mood for shopping, or it is just plain necessary, keep in mind that the boots you have to choose is of good quality, well fitted, and can help in to proper development of your child’s tiny feet. Giving it to the hands of a salesperson will not suffice the categories of what you child needs. If possible, you ought to be the one who inquire, ask, and tackle these necessary things because this will be a factor in your kid’s growth.

Although you have been the first-hand type of mom or dad, it is very tempting to seek the help of the professionals when it comes to buying the personal things for your child. If you have a baby girl, it more alluring to have those trained individuals who can give you the best and fashionable accessories for your little darling. But most of the time, you must also be inclined in having your own choices for them, an example for which is when you are planning to buy her first pair of toddler girls boot.

When it comes to the actual shopping of the toddler girl’s boots, always keep in mind the current fit of your child. A well perfect-fit for her is much more recommendable than those cute little pair of boots with irregular design and style. Remember to consider her comfort first than style, since she will be using this pair as a tool for her growth and not just for making her cuter and more presentable.

In choosing the right toddler girls boot, you should also know the shape of your kid’s foot. This is in connection of what I have written earlier because toddlers haven’t reached the stage of being fashionable. Give them the pair of toddler girls boots which are round-toed since the bones of you little princess is still in the phase of rapid growth. Also, they bones are also in the developing stage so you ought not to give them a pair which can heavily deform their feet and toes. Aside from it, always remember the recommendation of your pediatrician when it comes to the brands and material types of the boots. Since they are most likely to know the sensitivity of your child’s skin, it will be safer to follow their instruction so that you can avoid any allergic reactions to your littler kid’s skin. You should be vocal to your choices to the salesperson so that he or she will know what to look for.

Toddler girl’s boots is really cute and elegant. You should just always keep in mind that the boots you are choosing is not just to make your little princess more fashionable, but also safety and protection for the early development of their growth. So what are you waiting for? Get up now and shop with your little child!

The History Of Honda RC45 Motorcycle

The Honda RVF750R RC45 was a fully faired racing motorcycle created for homologation purposes for the Superbike World Championship by Honda Racing Corporation. The RVF750R was the successor to the VFR750R RC30. Like its predecessor, the RVF750R featured a DOHC liquid cooled V4 4-stroke engine and a single-sided swingarm with gear driven cams, but unlike the RC30 it utilized electronic fuel injection, in a setup very similar to the production 1992 NR750. The US spec engine had a 749.2cc capacity and was rated at 101 horsepower; the European version was rated at 118 horsepower. A simple rewire modification to the PGM-FI box increased power in the US engine up to the 118 hp. It was manufactured and sold in limited numbers from 1994 until 1999, being replaced by the VTR1000R SP-1 RC51 in 2000. Unlike the VFR750R RC30 and VFR750F from which the engine was originally derived the gear drive for the cams was moved from the centre of the engine in between the cylinders to the one side allowing a slighter narrower engine.

The RC45 has its roots from the original 1982 Honda V-four 750, introduced on the 1982 Honda Sabre. Then in 1986, the 2nd generation V-four arrived in the form of the VFR750F (RC24), fixing the camshaft problem that plagued the original V-four and moving to gear driven cams. In 1988, the RC30 was born, loosely based on the RVF endurance racer, and this was used to contest the newly formed Superbike World Championship. Only 300 were imported into the US for only one year, 1990. Then, in 1994, with the RC30 showing its age and being handily beaten by the Ducatis, Honda redesigned the RC30 using more of the technology from the RVF endurance racer and released the RC45 to much fanfare. Only 200 were manufactured world wide and per AMA homologation rules 50 were imported into the US, with approximately 20 of them going to private race teams; it is estimated only 20 examples are left in the US. It is one of the rarest motorcycles produced by Honda. In its peak race form, in 1999, the RC45 made over 190 hp, with some calling it the best Superbike machine ever. Later in its career HRC heavily modified the bike to keep it competitive including new exhaust systems and switching back to a standard two-sided swingarm for increased strength on non-endurance bikes. The RC51 was released in 2000 to make use of the 250cc displacement advantage for V-twin motorcycles that allowed the Ducatis to be so competitive.

The RC45 was shadowed with problems when first released on the World Superbike championship. This did not bode well with Honda, who entered the World Superbike championship with full factory support, not just privateer support that they gave to teams with the RC30. Castrol was the major sponsor of the RC45, and Honda came to win. The RC45 only won one World Superbike championship with American John Kocinski when he won the 1997 FIM Superbike World Championship. Jim Moodie from a standing start, on an RC45 Honda lapped in 18:11.4 seconds, 124.45 mph in the 1999 Isle of Man TT. Miguel Duhamel won the 1995 US AMA Superbike and the 1996 Daytona 200 on an RC45. Miguel came in 2nd in 1996 and 2nd again 1997 on the RC45, then a season ending crash in 1998 injured his leg. However, Ben Bostrom won the 1998 AMA Superbike Championship on an RC45. If there was ever a bike that really had a reputation to live up to it was Honda’s RC45; after the success of the RC30, the RC45 really had to pull out all stops. Part of the success story of the RC30 was that it was a hand-built race bike that was available at a cost that many club racers could afford, so even though the number of victories in World Super Bike were only a few, (enough to win two titles though) The bike really excelled at a level where up until now only very expensive works bikes could have any chance of competing towards the front end of a race field. For more info about Motorcycle Fairings and CBR Fairings, please visit our website!

Loan Modification Problems in Las Vegas

There is a lot hand wringing and anxiety in the media these days regarding paying fees for loan modifications. Barack Obama was even quoted as saying, “If you have to pay, walk away”. Generally speaking, the “do it yourself and save a lot of money theory” is advanced with regularity as something anyone can do. That is, until people in the real world actually try to do it by themselves. An article chronicling the labors and frustrations of people that have tried to modify their own loans was recently posted in the Las Vegas Sun. It is a must-read for anyone contemplating the do-it-yourself path toward a loan modification.

Some quotes and comments:

    * “If you’re one of the thousands of valley residents dealing with stubborn mortgage companies, you’re not alone. Customers who want a loan modification are learning it’s a lot harder to get help than they think.” This statement carries a ton of truth. Think about it. Why would any company help an outside party, in this case a borrower, who is going to be negotiating against them? 

    * Here’s some real life do-it-yourself experience. “Someone gets on phone saying, ‘Can I help you? Well, I just got speaking with this person, hold on a second.’ They come back 20 minutes later, ‘Can I help you?’ And when they do transfer you and you get a person you are slapped on hold again and that process goes on for a good hour,” said Dennis Thomas.

    * “Being placed on hold for hours at a time is a common challenge for consumers who are trying to get a home loan modification. Homeowners say often times it feels as if lenders are intentionally giving them the runaround.” Say that again, “Being on hold for hours at a time…” Try doing that at work. And yes, they are giving you the runaround.

    * “If you keep on top of your mortgage company, there is a chance you’ll make headway.” Doesn’t sound very promising, does it?

    * And the clincher, “Some say lenders aren’t so willing to help right now, so if you can afford it, it might be easier to pay to have someone with experience fight for you.”

The popular position in the media regarding loan modifications is that fees are bad and do-it-yourself is good. The common thread that runs through that type of commentary is that the people recommending that path typically have not walked it themselves, no matter how well intentioned they might be. It isn’t until the people that have tried the do-it-yourself path and share their experiences of the frustrations and difficulties of the loan modification process that the value of hiring a professional becomes obvious. Loan modifications are a game best played by professionals. Having a team of them on your side gives you a much better chance at winning, especially when that game is being played against other professionals.  

Legal Disclaimer
The information contained herein is provided for general information and advertising purposes only and is not intended to convey a legal option nor legal advice for any particular case or situation. Nothing in this article shall create an attorney-client relationship. Nothing sent to this law office via e-mail shall constitute an attorney-client relationship. Nothing contained in this article shall be construed to be a guarantee or prediction of result. Prior results are provided for general information purposes only and do not guaranty, warranty or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter.   Results achieved depend on individual circumstances and not everyone will qualify or be successful in restructuring their mortgage loan.

Alex is a famous author who writes about Loan Modification. FeldMan Law Center is a free resource for millions of people to find information regarding several topics related to loan modifications and resources to information.

Rapid Progress And Modified Phenolic Resin

With the growing emphasis on the development of social security, and Environmental protection , New Phenolic resin New varieties and phenolic resin molding technology has been developed. According to experts, industry associations epoxy, phenolic resin, synthetic resin, the first industrialization have been 100 years of history, because it easy to get raw materials, synthetic resin after convenience and performance to meet many application requirements, so die Plastic , Insulation materials, Paint , Wood adhesive and so widely used. In recent years, as people increased security requirements, with the flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity and other characteristics of phenolic resin attracted renewed attention, particularly in airports, train stations, schools, hospitals and other public buildings, facilities and aircraft interior decorative materials, the application is increasing. And unsaturated Polyester Resin compared to the low reactivity of phenolic resin, curing the condensation of water release, so curing must be carried out under high temperature and pressure conditions, a long time before the general can only enhance the materials impregnated prepreg (cloth). This method can only be used

molding process or the winding process, severely limited its application in the field of composite materials. In order to overcome the shortcomings inherent in phenolic resin, to further improve the performance of phenolic resin to meet the needs of high-tech development, people phenolic resins a lot of research to improve the toughness of phenolic Resin, improve mechanical properties and heat resistance, improved process performance become a focus of the study. In recent years, China has successively developed a series of new phenolic resin, such as the modified phenolic resin, vinyl acetylene-modified phenolic resin, cyanate ester ring-opening polymerization of phenolic resin and phenolic resin. Can be used for SMC / BMC, RTM, pultrusion, spray and hand lay composite molding technology. Modification of phenolic resin present mainly in the field to 12. First, Polyethylene Alcohol acetal modified phenolic resin, industrial application was most of the phenolic resin modified with polyvinyl acetal, which can increase the resin bond strength of glass fibers to improve the brittleness of phenolic resin to increase the mechanical strength of composite materials reduce the curing rate and thus help reduce the molding pressure, use of hydroxymethyl acetal and phenolic resin reaction is an excellent special ink carrier resin.

Second, polyamide modified phenolic resin, phenolic resin modified by polyamide resin improved the impact toughness and adhesion, as modified polyamide is a polyamide type hydroxymethylation use hydroxymethyl or active hydrogen in the process of synthetic resin or the resin curing reaction during the formation of chemical bonds to achieve the purpose of modification, with the fishing rod made of resin such as thin-walled tube has excellent mechanical properties. Epoxy resin is very common. China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, said experts with thermosetting phenolic resin and bisphenol A epoxy resin mixture can be made of composite material advantages of both the two kinds of resin, to improve their own shortcomings so as to achieve the purpose of modification. This mixture has excellent adhesion of epoxy resin to improve the brittleness of phenolic resin, phenolic resin also has excellent heat resistance, poor heat resistance of epoxy resin to improve the shortcomings. This modified by methylol phenolic resin and epoxy resin in the hydroxyl and epoxy group in chemical reactions, and the hydroxyl group of phenolic resin and epoxy resin in a chemical reaction, the final pay linked to form a complex body structure to achieve the objective, is the most widely used method of phenolic toughening.

The first four areas that silicone modified phenolic resin, silicone resin has excellent heat resistance and resistant to moisture resistance, using different organic silicon monomer or mixed monomer and phenolic resin with different properties available The modified phenolic resin, with a wide range of selectivity, as a transient high temperature materials for rocket, missile and other ablative materials; boron can also be modified phenolic resin, phenolic resin, due to the introduction of the molecular structure of inorganic boron elements, making modified phenolic resin heat resistance, instantaneous heat resistance, erosion resistance and mechanical properties better than conventional phenolic resins are used for rockets, missiles and space vehicles and other space technology as a good resistance to burning erosion material; rubber modified phenolic resin by blending mode to add the phenolic resin, acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber is an effective way of toughening, rubber, resin quality and the quantity is usually 2 to 10%, impact toughness can increase by 100% or more, The resin can be widely used in aerospace and other fields.