Wilmington Fire Department Called to Scene of Automobile Accident

Firefighters in Wilmington recently responded to an automobile accident near the intersection of Market and 15th Streets. The incident highlights the need for a lawyer when you are involved in an accident. The fire department was called to the accident after an automobile burst into flames after being hit by a pickup truck. According to the Battalion Chief of the Wilmington Fire Department, the engine of the automobile was where the fire was located, and firefighters were able to extinguish it fairly quickly. Both drivers and their passengers were out of their vehicles when the fire department arrived.

Although no injuries resulted from the fire, a female passenger from the automobile had to be transported to a Wilmington area hospital due to the injuries she sustained in the accident. There were a total of four people in the automobile at the time of the collision. It is not known if anyone else was injured. The driver of the pickup truck was not injured.

Authorities are investigating the accident, and it is not known if any charges will be filed. Police also did not indicate whether or not alcohol played a role in the accident.

An automobile accident lawyer should always be contacted whenever someone is injured in an accident where another is to blame. By consulting with an accident lawyer, you can discern whether or not you have a legitimate personal injury case, and your lawyer will offer legal counsel as to how best to proceed.

If you decide to pursue compensation from all responsible parties, your Wilmington automobile accident lawyer will help you to amass all of the paperwork and documentation that will be necessary for your accident case. In addition, a Wilmington automobile accident lawyer will advocate on your behalf with insurance companies, hospitals, and any other involved parties.

Your lawyer will also investigate to determine if any third parties may bear any responsibility for the automobile accident. If they do, your accident lawyer will work diligently to obtain compensation for you from all sources that owe you any remuneration.

Whether you reside in Wilmington or elsewhere in the area, contacting a Wilmington automobile accident lawyer can enable you to get the compensation that you are due for the injuries you have sustained. Your lawyer will defend your rights throughout the process and provide peace of mind to you and your family so that you can focus your attention on the important work of recovery. Call a Wilmington automobile accident lawyer today to get the help that you need.

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