Why eco-friendly living is necessary

Manufacturing processes are energy-intensive

Everything you own originates from somewhere and has its own environmental impact. To reduce the carbon footprint of any product, select articles made of eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, sustainably harvested wood, or recycled/repurposed materials. Such a decision will help in protection of biodiversity, forests, habitat and water resources. Also it will ensure sustainable use of land and reduction of waste collecting up at the garbage dump. Buying secondhand articles or buying fewer items also brings this result.

•Clean alternative energy is now available

The electricity which powers your household is generated for the most part from power plants which consume coal, the biggest contributor to atmospheric pollution. Signing up for an alternative, renewable energy scheme in your local utility, generating your own power by Green social network alternatives, or buying renewable energy credits (green tags), you are making you contribution towards generation of green power by solar, wind and other sources, and also you are helping in reduction of demand for energy from polluting sources. Most people are already aware of the answer to: Why go green? Global warming, increased lung ailments due to impurities in the air, diseased fish that are then consumed by people…and those are just a few of the many things going on.

•Global warming is dependent on transportation

When you decide to go walking, ride a bike, or use public transport, you are reducing or eliminating emission of carbon dioxide and particulates derived from driving an automobile powered by petroleum products. This helps to delay the process of global warming and also to put off the day when non-renewable resources would go out. Eco-friendly choices like taking a train for long journeys instead of a flight can bring significant reduction in your carbon footprint. Marine Videos include all plants and wild animals that reside in the ocean

•Organic food is good for the body and the Earth

By eating local, seasonal and organic foods you can relish foods that are more fresh and tasty and your health is also improved. A study shows that, when compared to conventional milk, organic milk contains 68% more of the beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids. Selection of eco-friendly foods has its own impacts on the planet. Local purchase is helping the local economy, and brings reduction on greenhouse gas emissions caused by shipping the produce from the farm to the consumer. When you buy fresh food the energy consumed in processing, and the packaging is reduced. Going for organic foods supports organic agriculture and sensible land use.