When Should I Replace My Running Shoes

While there is no simple calculation as to how long a pair of running shoes will last there are a number of factors to consider in how long a shoe will last you. Here are a few rules of thumb when trying to determine if you need to replace your shoes.

Typically, most runners will be able to log 500-800 kilometers on a pair of shoes. The best way to calculate the number of kilometers put on your shoes is to keep an accurate training log of your distance. It’s important to calculate additional kilometers if you plan to wear your shoes for more than just training purposes. Be alert if you start to feel any knee or shin pain as that might also mean it’s soon time to replace the shoe.

The weight of the runner is another contributing factor as well as any pre-existing foot conditions. There is some difference to be found in a heavier runner and it is not completely uncommon for a heavier individual to place more wear on the structure of the shoe. This also can include people who strike the ground harder than most. Keeping an eye on the wear of the sole of the shoe can help determine how much wear and tear you are putting on them.

Finally, time also plays a factor in the life of a shoe. Based on the factors noted above, among others, many people find they will be replacing a shoe typically every 6-8 months. Someone who runs approximately four days per week and runs approximately 5-8 kilometers per day will fall into this time period.

When it does come time to replace the shoe remember these tips when shopping:

Go to the experts; find your local specialized running store and not a general sports store. They will be the experts in determining the best type of shoe for your needs. They will further ensure that you are properly sized and they can help you to determine if it is time to replace your shoes. If the shoe is too large you could be left with too much room for your toes. This sometimes causes black nails due to the impact of your feet and toes sliding around inside the shoe.

Bring in your old pair of runners, this way you can be fit for a pair of shoes based on how you wear the shoe and if you need to make any adjustments

Wear the type of socks that you would normally wear to train, for instance, a thin cotton sock is generally the best choice for a running shoe as it allows the foot to breathe.

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