Ways to save money on shoes shopping

Our spending on the gas pump, grocery is increasing at an amazing scale. That is not enough, our spending on wears, especially that of shoes are also increasing. According to a reliable source, the average rise on shoes shopping in the first half of 2010 is 9% compared with 2009. That is why we chose how to save money on shoes shopping as the objective. The increase can be blamed on the rise on oil, decreasing crop yields, global warming, and the weakness of dollar and or maybe inflation. But there are also many other factors affecting the cost of shoes.

This is why shoppers are paying more and more attention on shoes shopping. And there are some tips for shoes shopper which will save your money more or less.

Planning helps you save money on shoes.

In prior to look for shoes, you should have a clear idea of what kind of shoes you want to buy, a pair of Air Jordan or Adidas. Then, you should have a clear budget, say a pair of Cheap Air Jordan or Adidas which worth no more than $100.

Comparing the price

You’d better to make price comparison on the net and have a clear idea of the lowest price possible at some famous online shop, say EBay、Bigtimekicks. This purpose of this is to have choice as many possible. Take Bigtimekicks for example, it is specializing in cheap Air Jordan shoes and its price is almost 20% lower than that of other online shop. If you are lucky enough, you can have some additional discount; say it is holding its yearly discount 2010 summer discount Air Jordan packages and you can enjoy a discount as much as 40% on various Air Jordan Shoes. And you will be pleased to know, it boasts a complete collection of Air Jordan Shoes, from Air Jordan1…Air Jordan V, Retro Air Jordan V to Air Jordan Air Jordan 11…

Check the quality.

For most shoppers, the quality of shoes is the most important. There are numerous online shoes shops and undoubtedly they all claim its stock is top quality, however the truth is disappointing. In order to get what you pay for and avoid fraud, it is necessary and worthwhile for you to check the reputation and credit of the shop. As far as I concerned, I always buy cheap Air Jordan shoes at some certain online shops, such as Bigtimekicks, killersneakers and Dragonkicks. This is not only because the price is releasable and you can enjoy VIP discount contingent on your sales and shopping times, but also guaranteed delivery and quality.

These small tips may not save you big money once; however time the save will be amazing. This will do help make your ends meet.

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