Unique Automobile-part Sculptures by James Corbett

Under the magic hands of human, old or even salvaged items can be used so that they are made into amazingly beautiful masterpieces. James Corbett from Ningi, Queensland, Australia is a talented man having risen fame since he started sculpting pieces from salvaged old automobile parts. James\’ sculptures are made from anything left within old cars of the 1950\’s and 1960\’s such as gears, spark plugs, exhaust, radiator, and so on. The talented man\’s masterpieces from car parts are used as interior home decorative items all over the world, from cities in Australia, England, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the U.S. Let\’s enjoy the most eye-catching automobile-part sculptures made by James Corbett from from Ningi, Queensland, Australia via the following stunning images.


James Corbett and his amazing masterpiece made from old car items


It takes time for the famous Australian sculptor to fabricate such impressive artworks


Small animals like mosquitoes can also made from old car parts


Fabricating a new car from an old car


Scooter Vespa with a cargo box

James Corbett\’s sculptures are manufactured using pieces of old French and British cars. At present, such marvelous masterpieces by James Corbett have been displayed at an exhibition in the Gallery John Davies in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, England until December 19, 2010. All the themes of life such as cars, bikes, animals, and birds are depicted via James Corbett\’s automobile-part artworks.

Air plane is made from automobile parts seen as a sculpture

Animal-shaped car-part sculptures are used as home decorative items

A stork made from familiar car parts such as gears, spark plugs, exhaust and radiator

It seems to be a duck

…and a cock

Horse-riding car-part sculpture is really a state-of-the-art

An awesome hawk

A rabbit

It has taken 10 years for James Corbett to pursue the car-part sculpturing job. He started getting fame thanks to “Burke’s Backyard”, one of Australia’s most popular TV programs with “A highlight of James’ career” in June 2001. Right after, James\’ sculptures were shown off in exhibitions around Sydney & Melbourne.


A long-legged dog

A short-legged dog

The guy accompanies with his beloved dog

Let\’s cast your eyes on the sheep wool

A lizard

A handsome rocker

A skillful skating athlete



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