Tweet When Loneliness Can Hazardous to Single Mom

Feeling lonely can approach anyone, including the single mom. Moments when or what is usually a sense of loneliness that come from?

Ainun Chomsun, one of four co-authors of ‘The Single Moms’ generally felt lonely when her daughter had gone to bed at night, while he did not have any rushing. It’s just his opinion, the condition is very rare.

As a woman who was the founder of the Academy of Sharing at the same time works as a social media specialist at a company, he always felt busy. Ainun pretty happy to undergo various preoccupations was that when such children were not home for a holiday, he would not have time to feel lonely.

If a sense of loneliness that comes, the mother of a child already has a way to cope. “I do not want to run. Soon flee the protracted problem no longer exists. I enjoy it, deserted at home, finally lost a sense of it. Want cry ya cry alone, would say yes way,” he said while talking to wolipop in the Reading Room, Kemang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (06/06/2012). In the briefing was also attended by two of the authors other book, The Single Moms Mia Amalia and Budiana Indrastuti.

How to vent on social media? Ainun a social media specialist who advocated the single mom does not do that because it could be dangerous.

“Using social media as lonely or need the attention of harm’s way. Could be detected as being unstable. Was my friend also ngetweet alone, there are men who jahatin him,” said a woman who is quite active on Twitter under the name pasarsapi it.

Now this is quite a lot of bad people who find victims on social media. Moreover, there are tools that can be directly read a particular keyword, making it even easier for people to find out who that was unstable.

Mia also agreed with Ainun speech. According to the single mom who often feel lonely it could be because once when I was married, he forgot he was entitled to have a life of its own.

“24 hours of his time to the family. Till when he was alone, not knowing what to do,” said the mother of four children.

Mia themselves feel never have time to be lonely. Instead, he must often steal the opportunity to do things that she likes such as reading a book or watching a movie.

“Single or not, we must not forget, we are still entitled to have a hobby. So his way of thinking has to be changed, get used to still have a life,” he said.