Top Models at Auto Shows 2010

During a year, there are a variety of auto shows with a view to promoting latest and most advanced models of automobiles around the world. As to be known that an auto show is a public exhibition of brand-new automobile models, debuts, concept cars, and even out-of-production classical editions. Auto shows are potential opportunities appealing the deep attention from automobile manufacturers and automobile enthusiasts. By tradition, most of the auto shows are held once or twice a year in various big auto events such as Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Frankfurt, Beijing. Besides, one specially important contribution to the success of auto shows are the attendance of advertising models at car shows. Advertising models, also best-known as promotion girls, show girls, or auto models, whose careers are involved in promoting car trends worldwide. Professionally posing in front of the lens, show girls have become the attention from automobile enthusiasts at automobile shows around the globe. About 700 car models in prestigious automobile brands such as Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes have been displayed at automobile shows 2010, and the gathering of beautiful automobile show girls seems to be more remarkable. Let\’s have a look at the most stunning promotion girls at auto shows during the year 2010 via the following nice shots.

The long-legged model posed at Genesis store, at Essen auto show

The air at Moscow auto show seemed to be getting warmer and warmer with a crew of beautiful and seductive car models

Super car Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera was unveiled at Geneva automobile show with the attendance of a car hottie

Geneva may be the place of beauty queens during its automobile shows. The supermodel was spotted with Nissan Leaf edition

The dazzling promotion girl and Fiat 500 Thousandth posed at Paris auto show. The original car shell was printed with images of 1,500 people including celebrities, Fiat owners, and fans all over the world


Seductive body shapes were revealed at Geneva auto shows

Brabus Mercedes SLS AMG Widestar and the show girl in a red dress at Bologna auto show

Irresistibly beautiful smile of the car hottie dazzled from the inside of Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV at Geneva auto show

The automobile beauty queen at the promotion car exhibition Paris



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