Tips on Preparing Children Indonesia’s ‘Life-Ready’

In the era of globalization, as now, the times are very fast moving. Both in terms of technology, the growth of the population to which it is more widespread, free trade. Human resources also required to be able to quickly adapt to any changes.

To prepare the next generation is ready to challenge and changing times, it is necessary also proper parenting. According to psychologist Dra. Ruth Andjayani Ibrahim, all the changes that occurred in the era of globalization has brought parents and children face many challenges in the field of parenting one.

“Some of the old rules of parenting is not necessarily applicable today. Was that to be one of the challenges faced by parents and children in the areas of parenting,” said Ruth, when launching the program Dancow Parenting Center 2012: Module Raising ‘A Life- Ready ‘Generation at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/05/2012).

How to shape a child generation ‘Life-Ready’, ie children who have social and individual competencies that are ready to face the challenges of the changing times?

“The younger set will be better, so in the next 10 years will be ready to face the global era. Developing kids ‘Life-Ready’ is the job of parents. Then parents should also be prepared for the times. He should be able to form the mature child socially and individual.

Maturity of the individual child’s body includes a healthy, able to think creatively, be brave and not cry, could understand the instructions given by others to him. While social maturity is the growth of self-confidence, courage to ask someone else, sociable and willing to share.

In order for the purpose of establishing child has individual and social competence, there are three things that must be owned by the parent. First, parents should have the emotional readiness. That is, the mother and father should know how to express anger, happy, sad or upset in a timely and able mencontohkannya to children.

“Both education-ready. Parents should know very well the character and patterns of children’s learning that he can choose the appropriate means of education. Third is a lifestyle-ready, parents should be able to follow the trends and the times of all aspects of life,” said a woman who has a career as a psychologist for 20 years.

Ruth is one of nine experts in the fields that make up the modules ‘Life-Ready’ for the program, which was launched Dancow Dancow Parenting Center (DPC). This program has been regularly held every year since it was first formed in 2004.

The nine experts from different scientific fields. Among pediatricians, child psychology and parenting, child nutrition specialists, medical nutrition, specialist obstetrician and family financial expert. Later modules can be accessed through the website, Facebook, Twitter and disseminated through educational booths and events in a number of places.

“Creating healthy children should start from her parents, we provide education to parents in the psychological as well as in providing nutrition to children,” said Pritchard, category marketing manager Dancow Growing-up Milk, wolipop met after the ceremony.