This trick Talk About Sex with Your Children

Psychologically, children aged 9-11 years are in pre-puberty and puberty so it should be equipped with knowledge about the development of self, both physically, emotionally and socially in order to keep themselves and confront these periods with more positive. But usually the child in pre-pubertal age as such, tend to feel embarrassed to ask about the problem of human growth and reproduction system for adults. The shame is what makes them choose their own seeking information from sources that are not necessarily true as a friend or internet.

Departing from this, Binus International School, Serpong along with the Parent Support Group (PSG) felt the need to provide education about sex and puberty to students, by holding ‘Let’s Talk About Sex with Your Tween’ dedicated to the parents, as the aptitude to be can establish harmonious communication between parent and child regarding such a sensitive issue.

“At the age of 9-11 years, is a time of transition when they learn to break away from us (parents) and friends become more important. During this time children begin questioning ‘gender identity’, and the duty of parents to be able to chat and ‘enter’ as their friend, “explained Ruth Abraham, a child psychologist and family who became speaker in a seminar held in Library Hall Building ECY & EL, Binus International School, Wednesday (05/30/2012).

Ruth explained, basically parents should be able to answer questions and provide explanations regarding their curiosity about sex. Parents also need to give an understanding to the children that there are four guidelines to be used as the basis for them before having sex, the right person, right time, right place, and true love.

“In the pre-pubertal age, they are curious about sex would be great, especially with the demands of playmates and the Internet what it is today. As a parent to do is to give an account of the growth of the reproductive system, and if you find them on the internet browsing for adult stuff like that, to stay calm and talk to your partner, but not for the ‘lecture’ length. before enabling ‘parental lock’ for a particular site, you need to do first is ask why, and then give an explanation if they do not may open the site and some sites are not intended for his age. ” said Ruth.

In addition, parents also play a huge role in explaining gender identification and gender roles themselves. Teach children in simple language about self-respect and teach them to have a standard of life.

How do I teach this in simple language? “Teach children with simple language, for example the parable. Example, diamond is an expensive and precious rocks will usually be stored in safe and bears the important events and certain. Much like the child, tell your child” you are a diamond Yourself , so take care and do not expose too much, and should only be exposed to the right people at the right time (when he married), “explained the director’s Personal Growth.

Children usually will consider parents as a ‘Role Model’ or role model for him. For that everything you teach and show her at this age will greatly affect his personality in the future. Rather than covering up knowledge about sex, the child would likely seek knowledge from unknown sources. Better to give direction as to appreciate themselves, teach them to have such a standard: the right person, the right time and place where to find their true love later. In addition, it also teaches them to choose friends wisely, which is also the process they find the ‘right person’ and give them personal space.

At the end of the seminar, Ruth also added “parenting style a parent of the child is the most important. Do not be afraid of in educating children, all the way to educate parents must be right, all you need is ‘faithfull’.”

In addition, as a parent it is important to build trust to the child, help your child explore their competence. “Parents have to be strong, loving and intimate relationship with the family,” Ruth closed session at the end of the seminar.