Things Every Gay Directory Should Have

A good gay directory should offer a wide variety of information about people, places, and events. Gay travelers can easily find information online on 223 gay-friendly cities on six continents, as well as connect with online friends who may have similar travel plans.

Along with advances in gay rights across the board, the travel options for gay travelers have expanded a lot. It’s no surprise that New York, Chicago, and San Francisco have long been favorite gay travel destinations, but you can also find information for places as different as Galveston, Texas, Boise, Idaho, and Huntington, West Virginia! For these cities and dozens more, a good gay directory will offer full descriptions and reviews for gay-owned or gay-friendly hotels, shops, bed-and-breakfasts, boutiques, restaurants, gymnasiums, beaches, and bars and clubs. The reviews make it easy to know where to go and where not to go, since gay acceptance is still an ongoing process. Maps for each city should also be included in the website for easy navigation. Each city should also include a list of gay directory local members, so you can make new friends while traveling. Many of the world’s cultures have progressed on gay rights and acceptance along with our own. If you’re headed overseas, you can find similar directories and information for a growing number of international locations, from London, England to Durban, South Africa to Taipei, Taiwan–which has been holding Pride celebrations for over ten years. As with American cities, the foreign cities’ pages should include real reviews and ratings from residents and previous travelers.

A good gay directory should include full information on both US and international pride events, which take place at many points during the spring and summer each year. Pride celebrations aren’t just only parades anymore; the typically week-long festival also often includes club nights and Equality Walks. Copenhagen’s Pride celebration this August even includes PanGames, a gay version of the Olympics. A good gay directory is more than an information site; it’s also a space for a virtual gay community that can connect and share thoughts and experiences online before making decisions as to how to spend their travel time and money.