The importance of plastic in the future

According to, the future of automobiles will involve a major change. Due to its qualities, plastic could be replacing metal as the new material for manufacturing cars, which will make it easier for developers and engineers to pave the way for the futuristic automobiles that are sure to make car enthusiasts drool.

The automobile industry is just one of the businesses that will be relying on plastic in the years to come. There’s no denying that it is one of the most vital resources that will contribute to the development of the world.

But what makes plastic important? A lot of major industries benefit from this material because of the qualities that make it distinctive from ordinary raw materials:

Its strength and lightness in weight
Versatility and malleability
Durability against harsh conditions

The worldwide plastics market is estimated at around 200 million tons and grows at an annual rate of five percent, according to a news article by

The report also states that recent economic progress in the world such as in countries like India and China will only create expansions for the industry. Plastics are set to be used widely in engineering parts and other materials in the future.

In addition, there are still concepts for electronics, computers and the medical field that may require the use of plastic for its fruition.

Bioplastics is the future

However, the more plastics are used, the faster the collection of non-biodegradable garbage piles up on our landfill sites and even our oceans. To respond to the environmental issues caused by plastics, various industries have adopted the use of bioplastics, an excellent plastic substitute made from eco-friendly materials such as corn, potatoes, vegetable oil and other plant residues. Some bioplastics are even developed to be biodegrable.

In an article featured in Yahoo! News, bioplastics are already being used in phone accessories, electronics, household appliances and foodstuffs mass market. The bioplastic industry in 2009 showed progress and is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 13% until 2014.

Investing in bioplastic

The importance of plastic in developing industries and the recent actions to preserve the environment show the bright future in the bioplastic business. Interested investors could get in touch with IRTH Communications to know more about the industry and how it can be effortlessly turned into a money-making business venture. Visit their website now at