New Energy Vehicles Are Committing 8000 Cars

People familiar with the matter say the experience several times modified “energy conservation and new energy vehicles industry development planning (2011-2020),” is expected to again before the state council submitted the CPPCC, when issued possibility is very large; After the modification plan will seriously more ordinary hybrid cars.

In the new energy vehicles in the production and sales, a hybrid car production and sales of all not as good as pure electric car half. ZhongQi association data shows, the enterprise in 2011, a total of pure electric vehicle production 5655 cars, hybrid cars of 2713 cars; Sales pure electric 5579 vehicles, a hybrid car of 2580 cars. Classification to see, cars accounted for more than 61%, accounting for more than 28% of passenger cars, other vehicle for 11%.

In addition, 2011 alternative fuel production 31100 vehicles, sales of 31300 vehicles.

With the new energy vehicles coming out with planning, in the next few years the country’s new energy vehicle production and marketing will have dramatic increase.

On time delayed again and again for the “energy conservation and new energy vehicles industry development planning (2011-2020)”, industry insiders said that after modification, planning, is becoming more and more perfect, is expected to soon will be able to come.

Sources have recently to the Chinese stock certificate report reporters, planning after a recent change, is expected to be held again in this year two meetings before the state council submitted deliberation, discuss three months ago is expected to come.

Facing a hybrid car vulnerable position, people familiar with the new planning that, ordinary hybrid cars will get more attention.

And commercial vehicle market overall atrophy, car sales is slowing contrast, SUV and MPV market after a few years of cultivating stages finally entered the period, and particularly with home users close suvs, 1-November accumulative total sales is over 1.17 million vehicles, up 22%, far above the general passenger car market growth of 4.4%. Industry insiders that in 2011, the year of the SUV market share is expected to be at about 13.4%, is expected to become the second largest car after intermediate market segment. As the vehicle prices have come down, and receive the relevant national policy affects, SUV in 2012 is likely to current family the second car upgrade to choose to be many important first shopping consumer choice.

Such a large market will also bring the breakdown of the products. Review several years ago, the domestic SUV market or in the day as the leading vehicle aspect, but now, the Great Wall, the hippocampus knight, modern corner ix35, kia wisdom run, mitsubishi ASX strength dazzle, outlander EX – strength industry, the way the public view, the audi Q5 suvs and soaring and also gradually that SUV market is being more and more varied in style of suvs have broken, and also shows that the SUV market is about to speed up domestic subdivision trend.

People familiar with the matter say, planning to average hybrid car value degree increased, will be in accordance with the ratio of all kinds of energy saving and fuel-efficient new energy vehicles for the corresponding subsidy, some of hybrid cars subsidies can amount to 12000 yuan of above, aims to promote car industry as soon as possible for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Analysis of the personage inside course, ordinary hybrid cars have entered the market popularization stage, energy saving and emission reduction in automobile industry is urgent background, ordinary hybrid cars will gradually more attention, a hybrid car manufacturers will benefit a lot.

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