2008 national auto supplies modification and accessories chengdu exhibition – China Noise Reduction

Start time: 2008-5-11 End time: 2008-5-13 Venue: Chengdu Tianfu Expo Center Sponsored by: National Federation of Automotive Products Industry

Held over the same period: in western China Automotive (4S shops) supplies a large purchase order will

Western China Automotive Electronics Forum Time: May 11, 2008 -13 days

Location: Chengdu Tianfu Expo Center Sponsored by: National Federation of Automotive Products Industry

Sichuan Federation of Industry Chamber of Automotive Services Exhibition agencies

Yoshihiro Sponsor: Automotive Service Association National Federation of the western provinces and cities 143 automotive supplies (parts) City

Chamber of Commerce, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, auto accessories Auto Parts Industry Association Chengdu City, Chengdu

Hongpailou Auto Parts Auto Parts City monument outside the North, General

Chengdu City, Chengdu Golden Xiaojiahe Automotive Trim Auto Parts City Government Chongqing Yuzhong can

Auto Parts City Auto Parts City Municipal roof slope

Sponsor: Sichuan Provincial Federation of Automotive Service Association of Sichuan Hope Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Publicity Media: HC China Automotive Products Automotive Products net net net Kyushu China Automotive Products Business Media China Automotive China Automotive Electronics Net Net Asian automotive supplies automotive supplies, Yongfu Road network network global auto parts procurement network after the Chinese automotive market network black horse car video network Network China Automotive China Automotive decoration supplies net net 51GPS China Automotive Beauty World Network “Jushi and modified” “Extension Sea media”, “Hui Ma advertising” “Discovery of resources”, “Car Audio”, “automotive supplies information” “Top Resource” “Auto Parts and Equipment”, “Golden Austrian Business? automotive supplies ”

The third city is sitting on private cars to create the first exhibition in Western Auto Accessories

Introduction: With China’s rapid economic development, improvement of living standards has been generally into family cars, car ownership in China in the rapid growth trend, car service market surge. Car as a durable goods, the maintenance of late become more lasting and important. As the center of Chengdu city in western China, their market power and influence of radiation in major cities in the west-ranking, based on its unique location advantage, has become the domestic and foreign automobile supplies automotive aftermarket manufacturers to enter the western bridgehead.

Present, Chengdu has a total amount of private cars has been steadily holds the third place, according to statistics the traffic control department of Chengdu, Chengdu each week on the license number of cars has more than 1000, the enterprise engaged in auto repair nearly 30,000, car beauty more than 20,000 stores, vehicle modification, and engaged in a variety of automotive service businesses to 8 thousand homes, cars after the market potential is huge. Bred in western China after a huge car market in Central City?? Chengdu, the country is attracting a decorative beauty car maintenance, automotive conversion industry, the influx of many investors in this sunrise industry in Western fertile.

Exhibition industry as the National Federation of Automotive Products Automotive Services Association and the Sichuan Provincial Industry and Commerce an important event of the year 2008, received the National Federation of Automotive Service Association of provincial support, will be held over the same period the “China Western Auto (4S shops) supplies a large purchase order will be “, and” Western China Automotive Electronics Forum “other major series of supporting activities, an exhibition area is expected to reach more than 10,000 square meters, nearly 1,000 kinds of industry leading brands and new products on display appearance . This exhibition is to promote the development of automobile market in western China for the purpose of the vast number of automotive supplies and automotive after-market supplier companies to enhance corporate image and publicize and demonstrate new products, accumulated brand equity and the best platform to expand domestic and foreign markets.

In this, the organizing committee to invite domestic and foreign auto supply companies to come to Chengdu, to participate in this session. I believe in your active support and participation, and through our professional, careful organization and preparation, must be able to hold this meeting into a more ambitious scale, richer content, covering a wider range, more powerful influence another event in the west!

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