Step by Step Process in Car Driving

Car Driving may be crazy for youngsters and also the old ones. And since they are crazy, some may doesn’t bother about taking car for drive even though, they don’t know driving. But there are some steps that to be followed while driving a car. This will help you to avoid unnecessary accidents. Here are some of the steps to be followed while start to drive a car,

1. Before starting your car, adjust the rear mirrors, such that it should give a clear rear side view. And similarly your seat position and belt. Wearing seat belt around you will helps to safe your body, even your car met with some accidents.

2. There should be a gap maintained between you and the steering, its just to enable the steering wheel. And before starting the vehicle, make sure that the gear is in neutral position, because sometimes, people use to start the car in gear itself which is not healthy thing for the engine.

3.While Driving the car, make sure that there should be some distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. This will help you to reduce small accidents even the mistake is on the front vehicle.

4. Following Traffic rules, will help your driving safe. Blowing horn is a very important thing, this will help you to give a path by the other vehicles.

5. Don’t ever drink and drive. This will affect you and your family members a lot. Drink and drive may lead you to death. And most of the youngsters will do zigzag driving, its not advisable, since is very dangerous. Avoid smoking while driving.

6. Driving in heavy rain is also dangerous, hence try not to drive when rain is like cats and dogs. And don’t overtake the vehicles in heavy rain as its very difficult.

7. Try to avoid long journey driving, if possible try to take a small nap after every 3 hours of driving. And while driving car in national highways, try not to drive so fast, Instead limit your speed which is the healthy driving.

8. Try to avoid driving in night times, since the darkness will affect driver’s vision which will lead to misjudge other vehicles speed.

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