Special Benefits of Weight Training for Women

Now, do weight training in the fitness center has become a lifestyle urban women. Not only as a venue for socializing, when viewed from the health side, the fact that weight training has many benefits for women.

What are the benefits? Consider the following reviews as quoted from duniafitnes.com.

Avoid osteoporosis

Research shows that weight training combined with a diet high in calcium may help improve bone mineral density as well as bone modeling. It is very important for women who are approaching menopause because their bone density will start to decline.

Body toning

Weight training can help shape a better body by increasing muscle. So, there will be no annoying belly and sagging breasts or buttocks. This method can also help tighten the skin overall.

Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and other

According to the American Heart Association, weight training helps improve heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. In addition, weight training also helps lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes by maintaining blood sugar levels and increase the capacity of oxygen in the lungs.

Increase strength and endurance

Powerful weight training to build muscle, and increase durability and makes daily tasks seem lighter.

Burn fat even at rest

Weight training helps to build lean muscle and increase metabolism. This muscle helps burn fat, even when you’re not working. So, the longer doing weight training for weight loss, the more the benefits generated.

Reducing the risk of injury and improve posture

Weight training can improve flexibility and reduce muscle stiffness. This in turn will help reduce back pain and arthritis as it helps to strengthen the muscles around the joints.

Not only that, weight training also has psychological benefits. Women who did any exercise, including weight training, tend to feel more confident than those who did not exercise.

So what are you waiting?