Signs of an Unhealthy Diet Start

Having a healthy weight, can be a satisfaction to the owner of the body. Moreover, if it is obtained in the shortest possible time. To that end, we believe most people diet as the most effective way to get a slim body ideal.

However, do not like. Did you know, behind the drastic weight loss there was a side effect of waiting? That is the reason why many nutrition experts say you do not have a strict diet, and simply run a healthy diet and a balanced course.

To find out if you are living diet is good or not for the body, see the signs, told healthmeup and intisarionline, following,

Weight fluctuated

Hurry down, up sooner. It occurs because the body easily accumulate calories when dieting. Intensive diet, regardless of nutrition, make the body lacks vitamins and minerals. So, when we are satisfied with the current weight and eating as usual, do not be surprised if our weight is increasing rapidly. Ideally, body weight decreased 0.5 pounds in one week. So a total of about 2 pounds per month. Perform weight slowly if you want more stable.


Dry skin, bleeding gums, pale face, or hair loss. It was a sign when we are suffering from malnutrition due to diet. If left untreated, the body will be susceptible to disease because their immune systems are not working properly.

Irregular menstruation

Be careful if we are on a strict diet and taking diet pills, as this can affect the reproductive system. In fact, our diet affects organ function, and it works as a whole. When diet and physical activity changes, your body will adjust. Including hormones, and the effects of ovulation becomes more than usual, periods become irregular.

Emotions are unstable

Depression, stress, emotional instability is a psychological effect when we are on a strict diet. Especially if we are obsessed with weight. Be careful if we were happy when hungry and guilty when full. This is a sign of an unstable psychological condition because of a strict diet. Usually this is accompanied by a decrease in sexual desire.

If there’s a healthy way, why should choose painful.

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