Short Shifter – Why Often it is The First Modification Done

When a person buys a new car there is a wide choice available to the person to customize the car. And yet one of the first modification requested by many persons who buy a performance car is to opt for a short shifter. So what is about this product that makes it such an immediate choice.

Well it has several advantages. For one thing it gives a real tangible benefit that improves the performance and the comfort of your drive. This means on long drives you are going to feel less tired with having changed gears so many times because it makes changing gears easier and faster. The fact that you can change gears faster also means that when you need to accelerate or decelerate quickly you are able to do it with lesser stress. But surely there are other products out there that give such benefits so why are short shifters so popular?

Well another reason is that they look cool and make the interiors of your car look more like that of a racing car. And they do so in a subtle manner that the well informed will spot, but do not interfere with the rest of the scheme of things. This makes them suitable for most cars.

Finally short shifters are so popular because they pack a lot of value into a small price. It is not a huge expense that people will need to ponder over a lot and weight the pros and cons. They offer great value and do not cost much so they can be bough on an impulse. Therefore they are one of the first items picked up when a person starts to do up the car.

Of course there are other products that do not cost a lot either and are also popular buys. Products such as bumper lights and custom steering wheel are an example. You can check out short shifters and other car aftermarket products conveniently by going online. You will be able to compare the prices on offer and be able to reach a buy decision confidently. You can see the latest car aftermarket products at

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