Shopping Advice For Kids Shoes

The above scenario holds true irrespective of whom the footwear shopping is being done and it doesn’t matter if one is buying shoes for girls or for adults. When it comes to footwear, a bad pair can not only cause serious discomfort, but it can also have an adverse effect on the health, ranging from sore or achy feet to joint and spinal problems.

It is true however, that while grown-ups might on occasion, be more tolerant to an iffy set of shoes, in the case of shoes for boys; things might not be this flexible. Hence, the utmost care must be taken when shopping for footwear, bearing in mind all the possible factors that may have an adverse effect on the health and wellbeing of the child.

The growth rate for young kids can be very rapid. What’s more, there is never any rhythm or schedule to it. Hence, there are multiple instances of parents being caught out by the sudden spurts in their children. On an average, there’s a change in foot size every seven to eight weeks. Seasoned folks are of the general opinion that purchasing shoes a size larger than the existing ones is a good practice when getting shoes for girls or boys.

Some even go onto say that it is worthwhile to buy shoes online. This, they say is a great idea because, one does not have to drag children across the high street, in search of the right shoes. This means that there are no kiddo tantrums to put up with. One can shop from the comfort of their home. Virtual displays at online stores can showcase the entire range of footwear, thereby increasing the scope of choice. Online sales reduce overheads for retailers drastically in comparison to the brick and mortar options. This then translates into lower than street prices and online only deals that cannot be found elsewhere.

Another fab reason to buy shoes online is the sheer luxury of time that one has for browsing and selection. In-between sizes too are starting to be featured by retailers in their online catalogues. One should also avoid the trap of the latest trends and spending a king’s ransom on something that is going to be rendered unusable in a few weeks’ time.

Ensure that the shoes fit well and the child is comfortable wearing them. The sole needs to tread the fine line between being supple and yet be supportive at the same time. Avoid poorly made shoes that are heavy on the feet. These will increase the chances of the child stumbling and toppling over. Flexibility is the key and footwear with Velcro straps instead of lace ups would be better suited.

Always keep the child’s needs in mind and this holds true irrespective of buying shoes for boys or girls!

Chris is a seasoned parent having raised kids during a time when the concept of kids’ shoes seemed like an alien thing to people. He speaks from years of experience accumulated and guides all those in need of footwear advice.