Sad! New Birth 2 hours, Baby It’s Already Suffering Cancer

Atmosphere of the delivery room can be a terrible moment for any new mother. Nevertheless, it instantly changed smoothly during labor and the mother saw the baby was born healthy.

It is also felt by Lorraine Wilson, who gave birth to her son, Evan Wilson at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital, Glasgow, UK. This happy moment too so eagerly anticipated by her husband, Scott (41 years old) and the youngest daughter, Jorja (6 years).

Unfortunately this happy moment did not last long, exactly when Lorraine discovered a strange lump on her baby belly. Evan immediately examined by a specialist and found that he was suffering from liver cancer. This makes the youngest cancer patients in the UK. Unfortunately the fate of that little baby …

The doctors could only give chemotherapy treatments after he turns 12 today. Innocent babies are given a number of other treatments in very concerned, given his very young, as quoted from Dailymail.

The treatment is going well, because now six-month-old Evan successfully against hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer after being transferred to Children’s Hospital, Yorkhill Royal. Healing Evan accuracy can not be separated from his mother at birth, because if it was too late to be addressed, maybe the cancer will spread.

Recalling the incident, Lorraine said: “I was holding Evan a few minutes before they took it from me and it all began. I was blaring. Too horrible to continue living,” he lamented to remember the birth of Evan.

After serving seven sessions of chemotherapy, Evan also underwent urinary tract surgery and half a liver at Children’s Hospital Birmingham, April. Dr Jairam Sastry said: “The results of ultrasound and Evan stayed pending the outcome is still in remission. He live it very well.”