Research: Compared Mom, Dad More Generous to a Son About the Money

Who is most often give children money? Recent research shows, compared to mothers, fathers are more generous, do not hesitate to open his wallet for the child.

Research conducted by Ameriprise Financial, involving 1,006 respondents who were born after World War 2. The study showed that 93% of parents aged 50-70 years contributed greatly to his financial problems.

The study also revealed, in helping children about money matters, fathers play a greater role. 58% of fathers help their children when it had financial problems and the mother only 48%.

“That figure shows, more often helped her father to buy a car or pay for car insurance. Seems the father’s study or reflect on their parents used to help their children who also love to buy the same thing,” said senior Ameriprise Financial, Suzanna de Baca, such as quoted by the Daily Mail.

It’s just that, though not as often as fathers in giving money, it is the the mother (63) is more concerned to discuss the financial situation with their child. In children where the mother feels comfortable discussing financial matters? 65% of respondents said they were more comfortable talking to girls.

Mothers also were more concerned to discuss family matters. For example, financial problems, health, family issues and so on. Mom was more concerned with the problems of rising medical expenses or health and its impact on pension uan be collected.

According to Suzanna what the mothers in this research is appropriate. Talking to family members about important financial matters acted to keep things transparent.

“By regularly to talk openly with your partner, as well as other family can help you take the right decision, and everyone involved,” said de Read.