Predictive Auto Dialer, A Wiser Dialing Option

A predictive auto dialer is a computer system that makes automatic dialing to a list of telephone numbers connected to assigned and available agents. These dialers have been used by call centers nowadays and have helped telemarketers to maximize their efforts and minimize consumption of time spent for dialing non-responsive numbers. Telemarketing organizations involve in business to consumer calls are the ones that mostly use predictive dialer systems.

A predictive auto dialer utilizes different algorithms to make predictions to both the called party answers and the availability of agents while making adjustments to the calling process to the number of available agents. It tracks the responses to the calls it places and identifies the way the calls are answered. It rejects unanswered calls, disconnected lines, busy numbers and responses from fax machines and answering machines. Only calls answered by people are connected to agents. This frees agents from taking time listening to unsuccessful and unanswered calls.

A predictive auto dialer is capable of increasing the time spent by an agent on communication instead of waiting. It is actually perfect for huge numbers of agents and low quality lists because the system can be overwhelmed by a high contact rate.

A typical predictive dialer randomly selects the number of calls to make while a predictive auto dialer allows for selection of the number of calls to make, thus, lowering the rate of calls being abandoned. This auto dialer capability provides the manager the capability to set the number of dialed calls according to the number of agents present in the office as well as the estimated number of available agents.

A predictive auto dialer saves time for the agent as it eradicates manual dialing, bad phone numbers and dialing errors. It is very likely for your agents to make more phone calls at daytime allowing her or him to contact more in a day.  This functionality of these dialers can be maximized with the use of power tools and CRM systems to help agents complete more tasks and be more productive. The CRM systems are helpful in managing clients, minimizing data entry jobs. Also, they can include tools for telephony which enables agents to send pre-recorded voicemails and emails at a single click of a button. The elimination of these tasks enables agents to be on the phone most of the time, thus cutting the time that manual tasks once took.