Optimizing the Grain Diet Program

A study says that women who choose wheat grains for their breakfast menu, tend to have an ideal body weight compared with those who chose other breakfast menu or even those who choose not to eat breakfast at all.

So far it remains unclear whether the wheat grains directly influence to maintain one’s weight. However, the study still assumes that the fiber is its high content of vitamins and minerals from grains of wheat become an important factor for maintaining a person’s body weight to avoid excessive.

It is also not known for certain why the positive impact will only be enjoyed by women, whereas in men it does not apply in any condition.

Dr. Won O. Song of Michigan State University in East Lansing and other research colleagues reported the findings revealed in writing in the medical journal Nutrition Experts Association of the United States. Song and his colleagues examined the diet craze that some women in the world especially in the West.

Their findings based nutrition surveys conducted by several research groups from the U.S. health ministry to make observations and studies from 1999-2000. Of the total 4218 adult respondents, 77 percent had a habit of eating breakfast and of that number 22 percent choose wheat grains as morning breakfast menu.

Meanwhile, women who choose to eat grains of wheat is less than 30 percent are overweight compared with women who did not eat breakfast, in addition to other factors such as exercise, total calorie consumption is also counted.

It can be concluded from the study, although not clearly and definitely that is basically wheat grains when compared with other breakfast menu help matters maintain stable weight.

Eaters who consume wheat grains contain more fiber and less fat content, which is the pattern of nutrition is much better to address overweight.

Beside that the calcium content in milk that a couple grains of wheat are equally important elements in controlling the amount of fat in the body.

Other researchers said they were not even a possibility of harm breakfast program waistline shrink as they tend to choose foods that have higher fat content at the next mealtime.

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