Online shopping shoes will be the next star

Although China’s real economy by the deep economic crisis, but the hot online retail has been an exception. According to Air Max 2009 market research firm’s data show that the second quarter of 2009, China’s B2C (online retail) market sales volume reached 4.544 billion yuan, an increase of up to 155%, B2C mall number of people reached nearly 130 million, growth of 10.9%, the user growth rate is always ahead of the C2C platform, showing a strong momentum to catch up.

There are indications that the next star online retail may be the shoes. A large number of e-commerce practitioners, or practitioners of traditional clothing is still convinced that promising e-commerce, a group of entrepreneurs is also an occasion to enter the footwear e-commerce industry. Online shopping on behalf of companies such as clothing VANCL will seek to enter the footwear market recently, and there will be heavy in the early September launch initiatives, as well as contribute to a large number of Tiger Sports Forum-bashing views of the “calories”, founded by former executives from the Baidu ” Amoy Family Fun “and” cool Sai “,” good music to buy, “and so on.

As a representative of the domestic apparel e-commerce, business men from the early days to seek to enter the women’s, children’s wear market, VANCL the pace of expansion is accelerating. VANCL plans to build an independent shoe brand product line is expected to become the men’s, women’s third largest after the product line. In addition, VANCL team of designers are also being, and Spain to discuss cooperation, this co-design team and ZARA 4 years, with international experience in footwear design. While those from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian area of more than 10 processing plants, before the line was ZARA and other international leisure brand OEM, the international line to ensure product quality.

So, why heroes minds think alike, are aimed at the pair of Air Max Wholesale? This is a case of recent mergers and acquisitions are not unrelated. Hsieh Chinese American entrepreneurs in the past 10 years has been committed to the exploration B2C buy shoes online, online shopping in the Red Sea in the fight for several years, will eventually do the Zappos brand sales of 800 million U.S. dollars, accounting for U.S. footwear network market value of $ 3,000,000,000 to 1 / 4. In mid-July of this year, Zappos e-commerce giant Amazon, the U.S. $ 847,000,000 to purchase, proof of full competition in the Red Sea in online shopping, domain-specific vertical B2C business continued to be good.

At home, apparel B2C mode operation is becoming more complete, including jackets, shirts,Cheap Nike Air Max, pants, socks and other products have formed the backbone of the scope of the B2C business. However, despite some clothing companies are launched B2C sales of footwear, but because fewer models, a limited number of other reasons, footwear is more of a fringe of sales, has been unable to form a large network of direct sales operations. So, with the gradual maturity of the domestic e-commerce market and will soon celebrate the blowout time, footwear is a smart natural vertical e-commerce business people are optimistic.

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