Once a Budget Maker, Kia Fleshes Out Its Offerings With Something for Every Buyer

If Japan was the auto industry success story of the 1970s and 1980s, South Korea has occupied a similar position for the last two decades. Beginning by offering some well-made cars that occupied the lowest end of the new-car spectrum, manufacturers Hyundai and Kia consistently worked their ways up the ranks. Today, both companies produce wide ranges of cars that appeal to a wide spectrum of buyers, as their consistently growing market shares attest. A quick walk through the Shortline Kia Dealer in Denver Colorado will give a good idea as to how that company, in particular, has done so well.

Given Kia’s origins, as far as exports go, anyways, in low-priced cars that nonetheless offer a high degree of reliability, it should not be surprising to find that the maker still has plenty to offer of this sort. The sometimes awkward econo-boxes of yesteryear, however, are nowhere to be found, as Kia today consistently delivers solid styling and performance even on its lowest priced cars.

The Kia Rio, for example, has been a big hit with younger buyers since its introduction. With lines that are perhaps a bit reminiscent of the popular Mazda 3 series, these cars are available in such a wide array of trims that just about every buyer on a budget can find something appropriate. The inexpensive LX package also offers some exceptional fuel economy, clocking in at nearly forty miles per gallon on the highway. Combine that with an especially appealing price tag, and it is not difficult to see why so many put this car on the tops of their lists.

Kia’s offerings are just as impressive higher up the scale. The Cadenza is the company’s first effort at courting buyers who might otherwise have inclined toward a BMW or a Lexus, and it seems likely to go down in history as a success. Boasting the kind of manufacturing tolerances that have previously been found mostly in cars with price tags north of $50,000, these vehicles also represent a tremendous bargain for buyers who won’t give up luxury in their search for a great deal. Between the Cadenza on the high end and the Rio on the lower one, in fact, Kia has plenty else to offer, as well.