Nike shoes don’t durable consumer innocence straightly

A few hundred dollars a pair of Nike shoes, clothing and rotten two months, went to negotiate with the business, but, like air max 90 shoes on more than one week there are no feedback messages. Look for, pushing the three dragged four businesses, and that does not belong to quality problems, although they would repair it, fix the foot a bit Ge …… ” Ms Lee Zhengzhou City, the consumer has a complaint to the press seems very reluctant.

Lee told reporters , December 5, 2009, she was the way in Zhengzhou Central Garden Stores LLC, 6th floor, counter to spend 237 yuan Nike bought a pair of Nike sneakers discount.

home, as the dead of winter weather, also wear a few times, I did not expect to wear this year, February 20, unexpectedly found that the inner front of the shoe lining is rotten. Ms. Lee told reporters, because it is casual shoes, she bought a bigger size special, certainly not big foot bursting it! certainly is quality! So, Ms. Lee took on February 23, Garden Road, Central, shoes to department stores, want to have a say. Nike monopoly, said after watching the counter attendant to be there, what the situation will notice. It can be more than a week later, Ms. Lee did not receive any notice. It can not wait for the message, Ms. Lee again in March 1, 2, 4, repeatedly asked the case to Central Department Store, did not think of is, Nike has been pushing the salesperson said it was not the quality of the shoes, that is, manufacturers have had to return back, the repair would only be affixed on the inside layer of fabric, or sew, or glue. everyone knows that, catch some pieces of cloth from the inside, certainly Ge feet, but also affect the appearance, if not fill, holes only grow and will soon be scrapped. Lee said: “Ordinarily a pair of shoes not a big deal, but felt manufacturers have repeatedly evasive, too irresponsible, and the waiter’s attitude is very poor, says a replacement impossible. Who is in charge of the many shopping malls under the coordination failed to solve them, 3 months warranty replacement has become an empty talk!”

Ms Lee said:” As a brand awareness so high, so much as a air max 24-7 shopping mall, is to treat the consumer do? ”

At the weekend press and Central Department Store, contact the persons concerned, and once again came together with Ms. Lee, Central Department Store, Nike counter clerk told a man named Xu Dekun Ms. Lee, but for shopping coordination, like Ms. Lee breakage shoes simply not within the scope of the three packs will not be accepted and normal. Xude Kun said that if the shoes do not want to retire can not, but a certain amount of depreciation expense, depreciation charge is three bags of requirements; If you want to exchange also, but to collect the difference, and that they exchange new or old, can not be returned once the exchange after, there was no warranty. And when a reporter asked where these provisions are, Xu Dekun said: “We shop it is so. ”

“I really can not afford to delay, to which all ran 5 times, and back and forth play of light and the costs are gradually getting enough to buy a pair, and say we still have to travel abroad next week, forget it, for a pair of pair had to change, it is no time ah! “Ms. Lee said,” My family has 3 people 4 people are wearing Nike shoes many years, I did not expect problems will be encountered this courtesy of Nike factories. Now to the point where, really feel disappointed and wronged ah!”

When Ms Lee told reporters after a pair of not-for-three packs of the time, Ms. Lee said with a wry smile:” Without it there would be no better than put a pair of bad air max LTD shoes in the house strong.”

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