Loan Modification Problems in Las Vegas

There is a lot hand wringing and anxiety in the media these days regarding paying fees for loan modifications. Barack Obama was even quoted as saying, “If you have to pay, walk away”. Generally speaking, the “do it yourself and save a lot of money theory” is advanced with regularity as something anyone can do. That is, until people in the real world actually try to do it by themselves. An article chronicling the labors and frustrations of people that have tried to modify their own loans was recently posted in the Las Vegas Sun. It is a must-read for anyone contemplating the do-it-yourself path toward a loan modification.

Some quotes and comments:

    * “If you’re one of the thousands of valley residents dealing with stubborn mortgage companies, you’re not alone. Customers who want a loan modification are learning it’s a lot harder to get help than they think.” This statement carries a ton of truth. Think about it. Why would any company help an outside party, in this case a borrower, who is going to be negotiating against them? 

    * Here’s some real life do-it-yourself experience. “Someone gets on phone saying, ‘Can I help you? Well, I just got speaking with this person, hold on a second.’ They come back 20 minutes later, ‘Can I help you?’ And when they do transfer you and you get a person you are slapped on hold again and that process goes on for a good hour,” said Dennis Thomas.

    * “Being placed on hold for hours at a time is a common challenge for consumers who are trying to get a home loan modification. Homeowners say often times it feels as if lenders are intentionally giving them the runaround.” Say that again, “Being on hold for hours at a time…” Try doing that at work. And yes, they are giving you the runaround.

    * “If you keep on top of your mortgage company, there is a chance you’ll make headway.” Doesn’t sound very promising, does it?

    * And the clincher, “Some say lenders aren’t so willing to help right now, so if you can afford it, it might be easier to pay to have someone with experience fight for you.”

The popular position in the media regarding loan modifications is that fees are bad and do-it-yourself is good. The common thread that runs through that type of commentary is that the people recommending that path typically have not walked it themselves, no matter how well intentioned they might be. It isn’t until the people that have tried the do-it-yourself path and share their experiences of the frustrations and difficulties of the loan modification process that the value of hiring a professional becomes obvious. Loan modifications are a game best played by professionals. Having a team of them on your side gives you a much better chance at winning, especially when that game is being played against other professionals.  

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