Lighten the Load Before You Hit the RoadLighten the Load Before You Hit the RoadLighten the

Many people have a tendency to over pack when preparing to travel, but that is defeating the whole purpose of taking a trip. People take vacations and travel
to break their routine and enjoy the freedom of getting away from it all. So if
getting away from it all is the goal, why take it all with you. To truly enjoy
the freedom of traveling the best idea is to pack light.

Many travelers give lip service to the idea of packing light. It is a common
goal for most travelers and vacationers. Sometimes, though, it seems that best intentions are the only things that end up being left at home. As someone once
said, “The simplest rules are the hardest to follow.

Of course, one needs to pack everything that will be needed for the trip. Those
things that will definitely be used should most decidedly be packed. The problem
lies with over-anticipating every possible situation and turning your luggage
into a
hefty burden rather than a tool for your long awaited trip.

Here are guidelines to help you in determining what to bring for next trip:

1. How many days will you be spending on your trip?

If the trip will last for only one to three days, all the things that a traveler
may need should fit in a hand-carried suitcase. Decide on the number of clothes
needed and add one more set, in case of an accident like spilling food or drink
on you. Anything beyond that is just adds extra weight and bulk to your
baggage. After arriving, should you decide to extend your stay, you can always
shop for clothes or have the used ones washed. It is a good idea to take along
clothes that can be mixed and matched to create different looking ensembles.

2. Determine the nature of the trip and plan the types of events you will attend
during the trip.

Let your planned activities be the factor in deciding what clothes to take. If
there is no time set aside to run or exercise in the morning there is little
reason to bring running shoes or gym clothes. If there is no scheduled time for

social gatherings, then leave the formal evening wear at home.

If unsure of the schedule during the trip, then choose clothes that may be worn
for casual or formal meetings and even formal dinner parties.

3. When packing, roll the clothes carefully to maximize the space of the
suitcase. Place the heavier garments on the lower part of the suitcase to
balance its weight. The smaller garments, such as the socks, should be placed
to fill the spaces between the larger clothes.

4. If during the trip, you accumulated souvenirs, it might be cheaper to have
those items shipped home instead of bringing them back in the luggage. If your purchases are fragile, make sure that these are insured. Another option is to
have some clothes shipped home instead, and pack the souvenirs with the luggage
or in the hand-carried bag.

Any trip you take, whether for business or vacation, should be as enjoyable as
possible. You should be going on your merry way and not trudging under the
burden of a heavy load.

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