Kia Automobile Brake System

In the Kia vehicles, or just about any other car, the brakes play quite an important for the automobile to be safely driven and to be stopped whenever necessary. Driving a Kia car with a malfunctioning brake system can be quite dangerous and the driver should know as much as possible about the braking system. 

Power brakes

In the event that the power-assisted brakes lose power because of a stalled engine or some other reason, you can still stop your Kia vehicle by applying greater force to the brake pedal than you normally would. The stopping distance, however, will be somewhat longer. Pump the brake pedal only when necessary to maintain steering control on slippery surfaces. 

In the event of brake failure 

If service brakes fail to operate while the Kia vehicle is in motion, you can make an emergency stop with the parking brake. The stopping distance, however, will be much greater than normal. 

Parking brake 

Operating the parking brake while the Kia vehicle is moving at normal speeds can cause a sudden loss of control of the vehicle. If you must use the parking brake to stop the vehicle, use great caution in applying the brake. 

Do not drive the Kia car with your foot resting on the brake pedal. This will create abnormal high brake temperatures, excessive brake lining and pad wear, and increased stopping distances. When descending a long or steep hill, shift to a lower gear and avoid continuous application of the brakes. Continuous brake application will cause the brakes of the Kia vehicle to overheat and could result in a temporary loss of braking performance. 

Wet brakes may result in the Kia vehicle not slowing down at the usual rate and pulling to one side when the brakes are applied. After going through water, apply the Kia vehicle brakes lightly to regain smooth braking performance. 

Your Kia vehicle has disc brakes. When your brake pads are worn and it’s time for new pads, you will hear a high-pitched warning sound from your front brakes or rear brakes (if equipped). You may hear this sound come and go or it may occur whenever you depress the brake pedal. 

Please remember that some driving conditions or climates may cause a Kia car brake squeal when you first apply (or lightly apply) the brakes. This is normal and does not indicate a problem with your brakes. Always replace brake pads as complete front or rear axle sets to ensure smooth brake performance. 

To apply the parking brake, pull the parking brake handle fully and firmly upward while applying the service brake. To release the parking brake, pull the handle up slightly and push the release button, then lower the handle to the released position while holding the button in. Driving the Kia automobile with the parking brake applied will cause excessive brake pad and brake rotor wear.

Parking on curbed streets

When parking your Kia vehicle on an uphill grade, park as close to the curb as possible and turn the front wheels away from the curb so that the front wheels will contact the curb if the vehicle moves backward.