Jobs in automobile industry

India has shown great growth both in terms of the cultural and economic development. The citizens of India have undergone various changes with respect to the practices in the education and the job culture. The importance and the prevalence of industry and varied sectors keep on changing with the demand and the need of its respective products in the society. The production and growth of a particular sector depends on the demand and supply quotient of its products and materials. More the demand of the products in a particular sector will rise; more will be the need of working staff in the respective sector, hence leading to a rise in the job opportunities in the sector.

Though there are many industries, which have been responsible for the economic growth of the country, like retail, hospitality, BPO, Pharmaceutical, textile, food and beverages, etc. But, automobile sector is one, which earns the major share of responsibility for the growth of the country as a whole. Automobile sector is one of the largest sectors of country, with a number of companies coming under its banner, employing thousands of job seekers in the industry. Indian automobile market has expanded its arena in the global market, with launching their innovations and products abroad. A candidate applying for Automobile Jobs needs to have a degree in the mechanical or the automobile industry, to register himself as an employee of the automobile sector.

Following are the fields in which a suit himself according to his professional qualification for a job in the automobile industry:


1.)Product development or design engineers

2.)Mechanical engineer

3.)Engineer purchase


1.)Mechanical or maintenance executives

2.)Factory automation


1.)Workshop supervisors

2.)Production supervisors

3.)Shift supervisors


1.)Engine component planner and Assembly

2.)Quality executive

3.)Final vehicle inspection


1.)RF Design Engineer

Other job opportunities:

1.)Company secretary

2.)Sales consultant

3.)IT Head

4.)Service managers

The two main sectors in which automobile sector are divided into two wheelers and four wheeler industry. The persons employing for jobs in the automobile industry needs to have great technical skills and should have degree or diploma in the same sector. students to become eligible for the jobs in this industry has to do graduation or certificate courses, for which one needs to have non medical subjects like physics, chemistry and maths in his senior secondary education levels. A student before applying for job in the automobile industry must possess any of the following degrees:

1.)B Tech/ BE in Mechanical Engineering

2.)Certificate in applied thermodynamics

3.)M Tech in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Machine design, automobile engineering, CAD/ CAM and Automation

4.)Diploma in Robotics and Automation

5.)Certificate in engineering mechanics

The duration of the degree courses is for four years, but the certificate and the diploma courses are usually for short term, which are for six or one year. With the growth and the development of the automobile sector in the country, and the competition rising, more and more automobile companies are increasing. Some of the companies providing opportunities for the job seekers in automobile industry are:

1.)Hero Honda

2.)Tata motors

3.)Ford motors

4.)Ashok Leyland Ltd



7.)Mody Motors

8.)Maruti Udyog Ltd

9.)Honeywell Automation India Ltd

10.)Yamaha Motor India

Thus, we can say, that a student can find a good job in the field of automation, with proper and specific qualification required for grabbing the respective jobs. also, with the scale with which the country is growing, one can look for a great future in the various jobs related to automobile industry.

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