How You Can Watch Your Favorite College Teams Play Anywhere!

Today, we live in an extraordinarily mobile society. The days when a person grew up in a particular town and lived there most of his life, traveling little to places beyond his own area are gone. Now, corporations move people around the globe like checkers on a game board, and so they grow up in a number of different areas and have a deep sense of loyalty to none. With one exception – and that’s the place where they went to college, got their education, met their spouse and learned to love that particular college’s athletic program. Many people take college athletics very seriously, (that’s an understatement), and they want to watch their chosen team play their chosen sport, be it basketball, football, or baseball, whenever they play.

However, here’s the problem. Let’s say you went to college at the University of North Carolina, and Carolina football is your passion. Yet your career has taken you to Los Angeles. Here’s something that will never happen in Los Angeles, except perhaps in a post season bowl game: you sit down in your recliner, kick off your shoes, pick up the remote and click on your big screen television and settle back with a beer while watching the Tarheels run for a touchdown on your local television network. This just isn’t going to happen. Ever. Too bad, so sad. In Los Angeles, they watch UCLA play college ball, not North Carolina! So – what’s a poor Carolina boy who just wants to watch Tarheel ball going to do?

Well, for starters, he’s going to turn that gorgeous big screen television into a computer monitor, by either connecting it to his laptop or else giving it a dedicated computer. Then he’s going to look online until he finds a service that provides streaming for live college games and he’s going to sign up. Because it is now possible to watch ncaa football online free. So he will sign up, set it up and test it out well in advance of the upcoming season. Then he can indeed, come home, sit down in his recliner, kick off his shoes, open a beer and click on the television to watch his favorite NCAA team play ball!