How to setup a Battery Recycling Plant

Lead acid batteries are used in millions of vehicles and also used in everyday life. Lead-acid batteries ensure our safety by providing necessary back-up power for everything from computers to hospital emergency lighting. In a power outage, lead industrial batteries are what back up wireless and wired telephones and computer systems so that phones stay on and no computer data is lost. They power the majority of mobile vehicles both on land and sea. Lead-acid batteries start and power vehicles, back up uninterruptible operations like hospitals, railroad signals, weapons systems, and air traffic controls, and help electric utilities shift loads among grids. On water they start engines, back up critical systems in submarines, and power navigational signals and devices in boats.

The Federal Government classifies batteries as hazardous materials and regulates their disposition. One way to dispose of batteries is through recycling.

The following things will help you to establish a battery recycling plant.

• Register your business with the government and take certificate for setting up your battery recycling Plant.

• Identify your local sources for used batteries and battery scrap. These include automotive repair shops, new and used automobile dealers and junk car dealers. Notify these sources for your business.

• Contact with government certified battery recycling plant supplier and centers. Get Information about their fees, shipping methods, battery recycling process and equipments for recycling lead acid batteries. Many companies provide the battery solutions, see resources for more information.

• Install plastic or cardboard containers in various locations for collecting used batteries for recycling. Check them regularly and pick up batteries for recycling and fees for your services.

• As per the Experts opinions take consultancy from the experienced battery recyclers and plant supplier because they will assist you and guide before setting up a good environment friendly plant. It will include the equipments description, pollution control system and many more things before establishing a good recycling business.

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