How to Modify And Paint Body Kits Yourself

Do you want to learn how to modify and paint body kits at home? If the answer is yes, then I have the perfect course for you. There’s a site that you can find a course that offers to teach you everything you need to know to learn how to modify and paint body kits.

The first thing you want to know when you are learning how to modify and paint body kits will be the lesson on flexible additives. As body kits are more flexible and easily bent, these additives will be crucial. These additives allow a thin film to bend and conform along with the body shape without any cracking, peeling, or chipping taking place. Using this type of additive is very important if you want the painted finish on your body kit parts to be durable. The use of flex additives is necessary for acrylic lacquers and enamels but they are not required for urethane products (which will be used for most new cars).

You will also likely need a good spray paint gun and air compressor to paint your body kit. A 110-volt and a 30-33 gal tank will do the job if it is accompanied by a high quality gun. You can find these at your local auto body store. Ask the store clerk if you are not sure which gun is best for painting your body kit.

Modification to the body kit should be made prior to painting or installing it. This means dry fitting the kit first to see how it should go on to your vehicle. You should make note of where you are required to drill holes to affix the kit to the car’s body while you do this. You can then prep the body kit for paint.

Well, now that you have a few ideas on how to correctly modify and paint body kits, you may want to log on to The course there will explain these tips in a more in depth manner. In addition, you will also learn a plethora of other lessons that will be crucial to mastering DIY auto painting. If you require more convincing, feel free to view the numerous customer testimonials from around the world. In these tough economic times when many of us lack the funds to pay professionals it may be wise to learn how to do it yourself!

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