Holden Journey in Australian Car Market – Vehicle Modification to Enhance Performance

GM for the world, General Motors enjoys a pioneering position in the global automobile industry, being the largest selling, manufacturer and distributor of automobiles all over the world. Being the leading automobile seller, it is of no surprise that the company has been around the block for a long time, with the long list of relevant dates in history. The company was founded back in 1908, on September 16th by William Durant in a state called Michigan in US. As a leading automobile giant, GM manufactures, distributes and sells their automobiles under the name of their various subsidiaries all around the world.

GM has its operations spread world over, dividing its operations by regions which include North America, Europe, South America, Oceania, Asia and Africa. The Oceania region encapsulates countries, Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, in the region GM automobiles are sold under the name of Holden. The official vehicle manufacturer and distributor of GM in the Oceania region, Holden began its journey in Australia as a saddle manufacturer. After sometime, the company made a switch to automobile making and selling. However, it was the year 1931 which is marked as a major business development year for the company as it became an official subsidiary of GM.

Talking about Holden automobile chart in this region, there have been several milestones over the years. Setting trends for others to follow suit was Holden’s well received and long standing model called Kingswood, which was the market leader for a long time in the Oceania region. During its course as an automotive company, Holden introduced several new cars which were either imported or domestically produced to be sold in the automobile market of the two economies. Another one of their widely popular cars is Commodore.

Alongside Caprice, Holden’s Commodore range is considered a well sustaining automobile in the Australian car market. Garnering a positive response from car enthusiasts in the economy, Commodore went to collect several accolades and titles as a testimony to its good performance and variation in features. Replacing its vintage model Kingswood in 1978, Holden Commodore went on to become the best selling cars, boosting the company’s sales figures, thus enhancing them as a brand world over.

Furthermore, in association with the company, Holden Special Vehicle was established as their official vehicle performance partner in the Australian car market. This vehicle partner takes in Holden vehicles to make necessary changes, in terms of engine performance, exterior and interior features and more. The modified versions are reintroduced in the market under HSV brand head.

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