Have Fun With Fitness By Picking The Right Track Shoes For Men

Unlike other types of casual athletic shoes, track shoes for men were designed and developed with a single purpose in mind – competing in track and field events.  Simply stated, they are not made for any other type of occasion.  This is primarily due to the fact that they have been scientifically designed to facilitate the needs of the competitive runner.  Just like no two fields or tracks are ever alike, neither are men’s track shoes.  It is the type of field or track that you most commonly run on that determines the type of track shoe you will purchase.

The Basics

The first thing a person needs to realize when they are shopping for track shoes for men is that there is no single or universal model that works on all fields and tracks.  Basic, more generalized models work for amateurs as body and skill requirements are not as critical as they are for major competitions such as NCAA track and field events and the Olympics.  Once you reach the professional level of competing you will need to focus on more specific types or track shoes for men as this will determine how well you compete.

Different Types Of Men’s Track Shoes To Consider

No matter what track and field event you are competing in, there are different track shoes for men that need to be considered.  You will need a specific type of shoe for just about every competitive event including:

– Shoes for mid and long distance running – ideal for 800 meter/yard and 1 kilometer/mile events, these track shoes are cushioned to keep the feet comfortable during a run.  For long distance running, spikes should be considered.

– Shoes for javelin throwing – these track shoes for men are considerably heavier and sturdier than other types as traction is the key requirement for javelin throwers.

– Shoes for long jumps, pole vaulting, and triple jumps – jumpers and pole vaulters have to be as light on their feet as possible.  Most track shoes in this category have spiked heels and toes which enables the competitor to be swift on their feet.

– Shoes for short distances with or without hurdles – designed to provide maximum performance for shorter distances (100 to 400 meters/yards).  Track shoes for men in this category are considerably more flexible and much more shock absorbent while cushioning the feet for greater comfort.

Additionally, you can purchase multi-purpose spikes that are designed for more general use.  These are typically attached to track shoes for men or women during their practice sessions and pre-race warm-ups.  Most of the big box or larger sporting goods retailers carry all types of men’s track shoes and accessories similar to the above categories.  Be sure that you do a little research based on the events you compete in and the types of shoes that you need for each one.  The internet is filled with information regarding the different brands and types that are currently available as well as the price ranges that you will be looking at for your shoes.