Factors Important in Developing Muscle

Routine exercise, at the gym or at home, but never developed muscle mass, you may have experienced. Apparently who do not understand that the success of improving muscle mass is not only determined by exercise alone. For that, consider the following factors that you can develop muscle mass more optimal, as quoted from the World Fitnes.

Getting enough sleep is an important factor you need to consider. The body needs sleep as much as 7-9 hours a day. When sleeping, the body releases hormones that one of them can help your body to grow and repair damaged cells.

In addition, note also the break at practice. You can not develop chest muscles when trained every day in the hope of rapidly growing, because muscle takes 2-3 days rest before you train it again.

Without realizing it, sometimes muscles can experience boredom with exercise-that’s it. When a training pattern never changes, the body will adapt and respond less exercise you do. Use a different order at practice, different weight, different intermission, the number of different sets, so that this variation could surprise the muscles and can lead to back your muscle adaptation.

Heavy load
Many who do weight training using light weights with lots of reps. Whereas optimal muscle will grow more when you use heavier weights with short reps. Exercise using the same load for a long time will not make your muscles grow, because the muscles have adapted to the load. In order to increase muscle mass back, add weight exercises.

Almost all people think cardio is just a warm-up, so do the cardio first and weight training. This is true, but if done too long and too heavy, it will drain your energy before weight training. As a result, weight training becomes not optimal because you have run out of energy first.

Instead, do cardio after weight training. Even if they had before, doing only a warming up, just 3-5 minutes by light intensity.

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