Different variety of auto gauges

Auto gauge is a device that is used to measure a variety of parameters involved in a vehicle such as the fuel, speed, pressure, air, distance covered, dimensions and temperature. The pointer used for measuring all these parameters is an indicator or a needle,which accurately show all the measurements to the driver. There are a variety of auto gauges available in the market; sometimes it becomes really tough to find the best one. If you are looking for a quality product then you must contact the Pricol Company. They develop best quality auto gauges including fuel gauges, RPM gauges and speedometer. Let’s find out in detail about the auto gauges produced.

Auto gauge is available in different varieties including various shapes, colors and designs. These measuring devices are very important for an automotive driver, which aids to the proper functioning of automobiles. There are mainly four types of gauges namely the speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge and the tachometer. Most of the automobile components manufactured today utilize the latest technological features which enables better and accurate measurements. Pricol technologies also involves the best and the most recent methods for the making of these measuring instruments. That is why they have so many top-notch automobile manufactures in their customer list. Few names are Tata Motors, Eicher Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra. As we all know they are the big players in the automotive sectors, which are known for their quality products. So, working for them means meeting all the quality standards set by them, for which Pricol’s professionals are always working hard.

If you categorize auto gauges in terms of technology then they are of two types mainly- the analog gauge and the digital gauge.


Speedometer: It is one of the most important instruments which every vehicle must have in order to measure the speed of the automobile. In today’s market, you will find a large variety of speedometers for your vehicle. Pricol also manufactures these speedometers.

Fuel Gauge: As the name suggest this device is used to measure the level of fuel in the tank of the automobile. This is fixed at the automobile dashboard which has two parts namely the indicator and the sender unit. If your fuel tank is full the indicator shows F whereas when the fuel tank is empty it shows E. Fuel auto gauges are further divided into three types namely oil pressure gauge, the level oil gauge and the fuel pressure gauge. This measuring device is also manufactured by Pricol.

Tachometer: Also called as RPM meter which is used to monitor the revolution per minute of the vehicle. It is one of the most useful auto gauges that ensure better functioning of the automobile engine and hence the automobile. If you want a fine quality RPM meter then you can contact Pricol.

All these measuring devices installed in the dashboard of your automobile have its significant importance and use. Make use of best quality auto gauges and keep you vehicle in best health and proper control. For any further assistance contact the auto supply expert, Pricol.