Dangerous! 6 Sex Myths Often Heard This One Child

Providing education about sex to children needs to be done early, especially in the pre-pubertal age (9-11 years). But there are some false myths about sexual issues at this time, from the statement ‘a virgin is not cool’, or masturbation helps the body tall and strong.

Some of these myths will give a false understanding of the child, for it is your job as a parent is to give an explanation of the myths are wrong. Wolipop encountered in the seminar on the importance of sex education for children and parents, which was held at the International School Serpong Binus, Wednesday (05/30/2012), Ruth Abraham, an experienced psychologist who focused his work for children, youth and families to explain what are these myths:

Myth 1: Sex is disgusting and dirty
Make the conversation about sex to be enjoyable so that children are always open to you. Answer their questions calmly, explain about gender and gender identity, do not refuse to answer or children will find their own answers that are not obvious truth. Also teach them to respect themselves.

Myth 2: Sex = Love
Teach them that sex is a form of expression of affection, but solely between the husband and wife. Sex is an expression of love when we are absolutely sure and find the right person, and performed at the right time and place as well. Here you can also teach children about true love and loyalty.

Myth 3: Women are Sexual Attraction
From a variety of media kids are seeing that women are usually the victims or male sex object. Explain to them, there is no single person who can be a sex object if they do not want. Moreover, in this day and age, not just women, men can also be victims. Teach children to always be careful in choosing socially.

Myth 4: Virgin = Not Cool
Explain virginity is something very valuable, and only happened once to be given to a person who is really appropriate. Provide a description such as “You know son? Why did God create the reproductive apparatus in the body and are not visible? Was because God wants you to take care of them because virginity is very important and can not be replaced with anything,” said Ruth.

Myth 5: Masturbation Helps Grow Tall and Strong
Maybe in school, children heard stories from friends that masturbation makes the body becomes high. For children who are smallish, maybe this is very promising. Provide a description of him, masturbation is not a way to make children strong and large, it is better to grow naturally, it’s all in good time. Here you can also add the pattern of a good and healthy life. For example, “Masturbation is not a way to elevate the body, if you want to grow big and strong, you have a lot of healthy foods such as vegetables, meat and other proteins.”

Myth # 6: Not Be Pregnant If Only Once Have Sex
Explain that all risky sexual activity causes pregnancy! Not affect how often sex is performed. Describe the condition and age is appropriate to have sex. And always reminded to not rush, better instill early on about standards such as, finding the right person, the right time and place as well.