CNC Auto Lathes The Facts

In this information I would like to speak about CNC Auto Lathes. I’ll be taking a look at what the lathe can easily do within the production procedure, just what material the lathe may be used with and some of the typical pieces created. These types of machines are amazing to watch and provide greater accuracy over more traditional methods.

CNC auto lathes seem to be fairly quickly replacing some of the older kinds of lathes for instance the multispindle. CNC lathes are a lot easier to handle in terms of set up as well as basic operation. The designing of the actual toolpaths are usually programmed in using computer aided design technologies. The resulting program file will then be loaded in to the lathes software. When that is completed plus a test piece is produced for precision then the lathe can just get on with the work associated with making out precision components which may be any combination of drilled, bored, threaded or recessed for instance.

Swiss styled turning is getting even more precise i.e. down to a few tens of thousandths of an inch! Although this kind of lathe will be usually stand alone it is also available by way of CNC controllers. The majority of CNC Swiss-style machines do use two spindles. The primary spindle addresses the key machining techniques and the 2nd spindle take over after that and completes the work finally ejecting the actual component to the collection container.

CNC Auto Lathe Materials

The flexibility of the lathe is one of the reasons why they’re popular. It’ll work accurately on many solid materials. For instance, wood, some plastics, metals, aluminum, brass, copper, nylon, steel, stainless steel and titanium to mention just a few! Basically as long as the material can withstand the turning process then it should be capable of being used.

What Could a CNC Auto Lathe be Used For?

It may be simpler to say what it can’t be used for! The lathes are being used widely in auto production for automobile parts, motorcycle parts, couplings, ballbearings, threaded things like tank bungs. The aviation production industry is another main area where these types of outstanding lathes are used. The CNC Lathe will produce all sorts of extremely accurate precision parts the whole day once programmed.

So as you can easily see the CNC auto lathe will create cylindrical items in all types of sizes presented to a superior degree of accuracy and also precision. It works at an exceptionally quick speed which makes production expenses fairly cost-effective. It’s very flexible in the sort of materials that it can deal with. The variety of parts and components produces is unlimited because many may not even have been invented yet!
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