Choose the Best Deal When Buying a Car

A lot of people will spend time every weekend looking through the newspaper for coupons that they can use to save a few cents on basic products, but only put in slightly more time when they go shopping for a vehicle. This seems crazy when you consider the fact that a better deal on a car could mean a difference of hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Whatever time you have to put into being a smart shopping, you should devote it to making sure that you are prepared to assess whatever special offers are available the next time you go car shopping.

Car dealerships sometimes have very specific offers that they give to every buyer, but there are also many occasions when they’ll offer a choice among several deals. They might, for example, say that you can either have free financing or get cash back on the deal, but not both. This raises the obvious question of which one is really a better option, given your situation and how you intend to go about paying for the car. The reason that you have to put personal thought into it is that the answer isn’t going to be the same for everyone. Financial situations vary, as does the overall amount that you’ll be spending.

Totally free financing tends to be limited to people who have a fairly strong credit history. In that case, you may be better off either trying to save up the money to buy a car without financing or looking at outside sources such as credit unions. The amount that you save by avoiding interest is probably going to be a lot lower if you find your own car loan elsewhere than it will be if you’re just comparing to what the car dealership itself will offer. On the other hand, if you truly need to get the car quickly and you can’t afford to hand over much cash right now, financing makes it a lot easier to get a high quality and reliable vehicle that will serve you for years.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to step aside and take a few moments to do some math on your own. A car salesman naturally wants to get all of the details of a deal laid out, but you have every right to take your time and to think things through before you start signing anything.