Buying and Shipping a Vehicle from Copart, Manheim, or IAAI

Copart, Manheim, and IAAI are all popular automobile auction companies. By purchasing a car from one of their auctions you can save a decent amount of money. However, unless you can drive the vehicle home you are going to need to arrange to have the vehicle transported by a shipping company.


Copart is a very popular auction company in the US. According to, they sells more than a million automobiles every year. Corpart USA as founded in 1982 by CEO Willis J. Johnson, an entrepreneur who dabbled in everything from dairy farming to running restaurants and building houses.


According to Wikipedia, Manheim Automotive Services is an automobile auction company. It is the largest one in the world by volume of trade.


IAAI stands for Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. They are “the leader in total-loss and commercial remarketing auctions with nationwide auction locations and the largest inventory of vehicles.” Fore more information check out

5 Tips on Buying Vehicles from Auctions

1) Always research the type of automobile you are considering before going to an auction,

2) Don’t rush anything, always take your time and use extreme caution,

3) Run a check on the car’s vehicle identification number before making any bids,

4) Decide the highest amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle, and don’t go over it,

5) Don’t be a compulsive buyer and overlook potential problems.

Finding a Qualified Auto Shipping Company

When you purchase the vehicle, unless you are going to drive it home you should arrange to have to automobile shipped to your home. However, before hiring an auto transporter you should find out if they have experience working with insurance auto auctions. Additionally, ask for a free estimate, and perform some research about the transporter before hiring them.

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