Breathing a Good While Weight Training

Good breathing technique would give a positive impact to the body. People who practice Tai Chi or Yoga would have been reliable in terms of respiratory regulation. They also believe that breathing can change the internal energy.

In sports, breathing regularly also provide good benefits for the body. For those of you who regularly go to the gym and do weight training, breathing also plays an important role. Scientifically speaking, breathing is not yet confirmed can affect the results of weight training. However, good breathing techniques during exercise can help you achieve the best results from exercise and takes you away from the risk of injury.

Quoted from World Fitnes, there are some things you need to learn more about breathing techniques while doing weight training. When you do the bench press, breathe your breath as you lower the weight and exhale when you lift weights.

If not sure how the above rules apply to one type of weight training, try to inhale when you lower the load plate and exhale when the plate load is increased. For example, when you do a leg press, exhale when you are providing the load on your feet and vice versa. So, one breath (in and out) for one repetition.

That is often the question is if you can not remember when to withdraw or exhale. In these conditions, you should not hold your breath. When you stop for breath for all the reps, blood pressure may rise significantly and put pressure on the heart. You are likely to experience headaches or dizziness.

In some circumstances, especially when lifting heavy loads, you accidentally close the airways, namely the throat and nasal passages, but still trying to remove the air. This phenomenon is called the Valsalva maneuver.

The impact of the Valsalva maneuver is reduced blood flow to the heart. In addition, excessive pressure can also make the person unconscious, the blood clots that cause blood vessels to get out of the blood, abnormal heart rate, to a heart attack.

So, it’s just like normal breathing when you are in no condition to attract and exhale properly. Breathing normally better than holding your breath. Sometimes, powerlifters and bodybuilders also hold their breath for a very heavy set, for a few seconds, but it is not something that should be done by a layman or novice weightlifter.

If you can not breathing properly while weight training, do not worry. Because it takes time to master. Having studied and used to it, you will breathe properly like breathing naturally.

Setting breath while lifting weights is important. In addition to keeping the oxygen remain in circulation in the body, breath is also useful to provide maximum results while exercising.

Not just lifting weights while exercising in the gym, lifting heavy weights at home, such as furniture or cabinets, you are also advised not to hold your breath.

Good luck and good luck!