Be innovative with wedding shoes shopping

Girls, when planning your trousseau let innovation be the key word that guides your shopping soul. When you walk down the aisle, why not be boldly attired? Try velvet gladiators with your wedding lehenga. Sounds outrageous? Not really. Your wedding shoes should highlight you as woman of substance and a diva of style. And, those dainty high-heels or ultra glam party wear shoes that you admire can be teamed with a suit or gown chosen for other celebrations.

Men, keep in mind that your wedding shoes are the target for half the bride’s family. They are waiting for an opportunity to part you from your shoes. While stalling their attack, it’s wise to give them something stylish to look at. While they ogle, they may just spare you the trouble. And, if they don’t, good luck to the long-drawn out battle with your sisters-in-laws. Whatever the case, let your casual shoes make a lasting impression.

While preparing for the gala event, your needs are not limited to formal and dress shoes. You will also need casual footwear to relax after a grueling evening full of laughter and dance. Go online shopping! It’s an easy way to avoid the mad rush at shops and keep your tiredness at bay. Collect friends, cousins and relatives from all over the world and together log on to online shoe shops. Enjoy choosing wedding shoes and casual footwear, without stepping out of your homes.

After the hustle-bustle of weddings, the bride, groom and their families need to relax their feet.  Choose casual footwear that looks good on your feet and relaxes the soles of your heels. Opt for flip-flops, sandals or slip-ons in bright colors to continue with the festive mood. Shoe designers today combine elements of flair, fashion and fun to produce casual footwear that looks good and feels comfortable on your feet.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. Don’t shy away from heady glamour or sensual charisma. Opt for branded wedding shoes. Brands such as Catwalk and Inc.5, and designer labels like Veruschka and Swati Modo, all offer styles that are original, sensational and magnificent. Each pair will make heads turn and draw attention.  Your wedding shoes don’t have to be very pricey. Go through sale offers to make your final decision easy.